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Why are a lot of the ingredients lists way off? Is it that hard to match up recipes iTunes? Why offer if incomplete? The instructors are great - recipe list makes the lessons mute without being able to practice - I might as well watch Food Network.
I cannot believe the number of errors there are in these recipes. For most of these recipes, the recipe list does not match with the ingredients the chefs are using. How are we supposed to use these lessons if we do not have the correct ingredients??


By Jean13
Tea Cented Cherry Cookies Video......the flour was forgotten in the ingredients and the temperature to bake at not included. That is pretty unchef like.
Learned a lot thank you
Very good teaching. I learned some food tips and look forward to viewing the others
Can you put the correct ingredients up please! I did learn some things but the ingredients are wrong on some of the videos.
I've seen a few of these videos and they are pretty good. The instructors are very good, but I did find an error in the ingredient list for the Pastry Cream. The ingredients the chef used were not quite what the chef used.
PLEASE make more! Clear and concise --- and delicious recipes and techniques!
Please let me know in a review or however...what that picture is(of what) Please!
Love it! Just wish there were more. Very helpful for review of what I have learned. PLEASE bring out new ones.
I search out this as a means of meeting success in my cooking. Recommend to anyone
The chefs in this series cut straight to the chase and provide clear and accurate information. Great work on this low frill podcast!
I love this pod it shows how easy to make tasty desertsr ...yamyyy and easy