Reviews For That Podcast: A Fallout New Vegas Diary (AAC)

Only the episode 0 for Thuumcast actually works, all other episodes are unlistenable unfortunately.
Yo iTunes will y'all fix this much loved and much enjoyed cast won't download won't play please fix!!!!!!!
This podcast is AMAZING I love it! Very informative, funny, and full of great ideas about future playthroughs for me. I went on ahead and showed my rating, even though I couldn't get it to actually download, because I listened to all of it online. It's a shame that I couldn't listen to it on my iPhone, says it can't download, even deleted ALL of my other podcasts to test, with no luck. Any troubleshooting y'all could pass on Or any way y'all could maybe fix it? Please? :3
I can't seem to get this podcast specifically, to download and work. It is fine with every other podcast, but this one just doesn't want to. Anybody know?


By Weebars
Wonderful podcast, I am feeling very nostalgic listening to these. (You can still download these from the Jarober website.) I was truly shocked to hear of James' death back in 2014. He will be greatly missed.
This podcast just won't work it says there is an air every time I try to download it it also says that it's temporarily unavailable
I already reviewed you guys almost a year ago and every now and then I still listen in to an old one. Miss the new episodes immensely, I definitely think you guys should come back for fallout 4 in the future!
First time listener. I've had this game for several months, I just can't seem to end it. Enjoying the side quests are great. But your pod cast is great, even to this day. Great job all of you.
Finally, people who play the game to completion and keep posting podcasts the whole way through.
Skyrim today so hope we can get started on that podcast lol. Your doing awesome with the podcast dudes hope you all will be around for more years and fallouts to come
Try beating Wild card at level 50 after you've beaten lonesome road. It's hard.
This podcast is amazing. I really want to be on it


Good job guys!
This podcast is awesome! I love hearing the choices of other people playing fallout!
It makes me so happy when another one of these podcasts turns up on itunes. James and Michael are very entertaining, and I love hearing about the choices that they made during the game and comparing them to my own. I've often sought out different scenarios and bits of content that I hadn't seen after hearing about it on this podcast. Have you considered podcasting some other games? Maybe Mass Effect 2? Please? Anyway, thanks for the great podcast!
Guys as u should know a another add on is inbound can I help with the pod cast
Excellent audio, nice info, and humor just adds to the awsomeness, by the way, HAPPY TIMES. xD
They know my pains and struggles.
It's a great podcast, hopefully they'll put out some new podcasts with new DLC set to come out soon. I'm looking forward to their insight.
Started listening about 2 months ago. LOVE the podcast. Very informative, humorous, and best of all on topic! Almost every other podcast will get off the fallout topic and go into something random but you guys bring it tothe table. Looking forward to hearing from you guys again!!!
Its very informative and the cast is great. I would recomend it to all fallout lovers.
The "Happy Times" song is actually called "China Doll" it's by a man called Burt Weedon. You can find it on his album, Notations, on iTunes.
You guys do a great job keep up the good work. You guys really helped me figure out some cool stuff :)


By jkakes
If you get dead money the automatic rifle will kill deathclaws faster and easier than the anti-materiel rifle.
After completing dead money, go to Veronica and she reads a letter from father Elijah and she gets a 150% melee strength boost
I really like this I listen to a podcast on my bus everyday do you still let others share story's and stuff to you???
It's fun to listen to you guys and compare playthroughs and find out what I missed in quests and all that. By the way it's called MICK and Ralph's... Not mike and ralph's. All together great job guys! Keep it up!
I'm trying to find out if this has songs from the game and sadly iTunes doesn't sell I'm moving out so tell me if u know where I could get it
Love FNV, Love the podcast, would love to be able to talk on a show like this someday.


By qruxx
Love the FO and TES series', beat FO3 and NV many times so far... yeeeaah. Love this podcast.


I heard about this podcast through an other podcast and this is a great podcast i am glad they recomended it.
It's really intrresting and I wouldlove to be on it and talk


So freaking awsome!!!!!!!?!?!??!?
I was wondering if everybody on the podcast is playing on the PC, or a console. If you guys are playing on the PC you should look into some mods and talk about those, perhaps. It's really fun listening to the podcast and comparing it to my playthrough. You guys sometimes do stuff I do, and sometimes I do stuff you have never mentioned. A few questions to address: Are you going to continue this past everybody's first playthrough and provide multiple viewpoints, or will this end when everybody finishes? Also, what weapons do you guys use mostly, and where can we find the best weapons you have found? I'm not looking for a wiki (we have that) I'm looking for occasional good finds.
I really appreciate the amount of information I've learned from these guys & also glad that I'm not alone in feeling out over this series. Great job guys, keep it up! :D
This podcast is really cool. I like hearing about how others have been playing the game and compare that to what I did. There are some really helpful hints here too. Hope more gets released soon!