Human Behavioral Biology

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prof.Sapolsky is AMAZING ! love the humor,love the science and the teaching method ! a pleasure to learn.


By Fthemsa
Sapolsky is the teacher every person wishes they had a chance to take a class from and interact with.
Dr Sapolsky is the most amazing teacher, aside from my 6th grade teacher that has changed my life. I am going through his class for the second time and have searched out all of his lectures and talks on YouTube. If you want to learn about us and our behavior and help the world be a better place. This is the spot! Thank you Dr Sapolsky. You are my Hero. Alongside Secretariat, of course. 😊
Fascinated by these class sessions definitely recommend them.
The perspective this lecture series provides on how to frame life as we know it cannot be overstated, you need to watch this if you have any desire to understand the world we live in.
ive watched a lot of online courses and lecture series and this remains my absolute favorite of all. highly recommend. professor is fantastic and entertaining and brilliant
Professor Sapolsky is an amazing lecturer and story teller. He really brings the content to life with plenty of interesting examples on complex topics, demonstrating both his expertise and sense of humor. This course would be beneficial to both beginning non-majors and well versed biologists, psychologists and neuroscientists. The course covers a wide variety of topics, but with enough detail to give you some footing. I highly recommend this course to everyone.
human behavioral biology what a great lecture ,thanks for professor Robert Sapolsky thanks for internet ,i am benefit a lot from this course ,i can feeling the peace consciousness in my mind to understand the behavior of depression ,happy….kings of emotion feeling and how my emotion interaction with my social behavior ,it give me an answer of who i am and how i act ,thanks ,i am from china have lecture with ITunes U
Material is so interesting and entertaining. A lot of food for thoughts.
This course is amazing. I have gone back and listened to the lectures on emergence, complexity, and fractals several times.
I am very thankful that this series by Robert Sapolsky is available. This is awesome and I am a fan of his work.
It is so wonderful to listen to these presentations from such a knowledgeable teacher. He makes it so interesting and easy and connected that after listening it makes so much sense . I wish all of his lectures were available on line .
Sapolsky has a way of presenting material and having you think about the world that makes this course enormous fun. Just the way learning should be.
Hats off to Stanford and Professor Sapolsky. Some of the most fascinating material, as it relates to everyone's life, especially in a democracy. The material is presented in a way to be understood by all, except you may need to stop the play at points to digest the import of the point just made. Sapolsky delivers his material with humility and sensitivity, as some subjects can be quite disturbing. What is being discovered in this field will come to affect how we all behave and understand each other. It is a great gift for this material to be offered to the general public. Thanks so much to all at Stanford and Professor Sapolsky for making this available. Truly life changing material.
I'm a Biopsychology major and I loved this series.
This guy is fantastic! Maybe the most interesting teacher out there that I have heard. Relevant, organized, amusing and the subject matter is so in depth without being confusing or overly academic in its presentation. He should get Stanford's top teaching award!
Make this so I can add it to my library? I am very interested but will likely not seek it out individually every time I want to watch/listen to it. If I could add it to my library I would...
Love the professor style
You do not have to be a Biology major to get a lot out of this lecture. Do you believe in free will? Do you believe that the ultimate determining factor in what makes a person who they are is due to nature or nurture? Take a look at this lecture and be prepared for knowledge that annihilates these theories.
I love the professors teaching style.
Very interesting, entertaining, and informative especially the complexity lecture
Great teaching style! I love when professors don't give into the idea that PowerPoint is the best method for teaching. Plus, his gray beard makes him look like a geriatric ninja and is fun to look at.
Lectures are a great combination of neuroscience and social science. Good introduction to the field for students as well as a great model for other teachers to learn from.
The lectures on Chaos, reductionism, emergence and complexity should be pre-req for all freshman, if not of all voters... What is learned in this course is not just about biology, it will give the listener a new insight into science, business, politics or any other endeavor of interest he or she may pursue. God forbid it may even help ones personal relationships! Excellent material presented with mastery, and always in style with humor that does not diminish the seriousness of the subject. Thank you Professor Sapolsky and Stanford for this great gift. ...just another bee dancing around hoping to point others to the pot of honey. Stanford and Saplosky for making this kind of high quality opportunity for education available. Keep it coming. This kind of delivery may be the only realistic way to create an educated populace in the future.
Robert Sapolsky isn't just accomplished, or experienced. His personality and his love of the subject really shows in the way he presents the material. I really enjoyed this, and I hope that Stanford makes more of his courses accessable here!
Excellent lecturer. Makes a complex subject just fun to learn. Sure would like access to the course notes etc.
Fantastic series of lectures. I wish I had professors like this in grad school.
Great substantive lectures delivered with an easy humorous style. It would be even better if there were links to course notes, reading lists, and other materials.
Phenomenal teacher - engaging, humorous, clear and interesting...
Great lecturer, learned a lot.
This guy really brings this material to life, and doesn't skimp on the important details. Very happy to have this course available!