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Awesome questions, very to the point on a 25-30 minute episode. The host makes great use of the time to get down to what we want to hear and has amazing guest.
Coach Kavanaugh does a great job of answering Roberts question of "what are two main attributes that you've seen in successful athletes", Coach explains how being selfish and being selfless as an athlete are key to the success of not only the team but also personally.
Love the podcast and all that Coach Taylor does to push the industry in a positive direction!
It's great to listen to someone who actually cares! That is motivated and passionate about helping people be the best they can!
I love that coach taylor provides raw and relevant information from top-notch coaches. He also goes above and beyond to serve the coach and the community. He is a man of his word and what he says...he does! Super grateful for Coach Taylor and all he does!
Coach Taylor does a terrific job of sharing information and interviews that cover the entire spectrum of athletic performance - from physical training to mental toughness to building team culture. Highly recommend!
Coach Taylor does an amazing job of brining in a multitude of diverse perspectives within the strength and conditioning industry. The Smarter Team Training Podcast is an amazing research for newcomers in the field as well as veterans looking to continously expand their knowledge base.
Coach Taylor's podcasts are an exceptional resource for collegiate athletes, and their agents and families, to learn of cutting edge training and recovery methods, and help achieve success at the next level.
Robert is an amazing interviewer and he selects very knowledgeable guest for every episode. I am always learning something new about when I listen. Keep it up
Great podcast! Top notch guests and great questions! Keep up the great work!
These podcasts are a great resource to have. You get valuable information from a variety of professionals on many different subjects. Robert seems to always ask the questions that I am curious about. Thanks.
If you’re in the S&C, fitness or coaching field then this podcast is a must!
Coach Taylor embodies what every coach in this industry should strive for. His podcasts spread a wealth of information and viewpoints that help young coaches like myself continue to grow and develop both as leaders and coaches. Not only that, but Coach Taylor holds himself to a standard that few, if any, other coaches can match. He is worth reaching out too, and it is certainly worth listening to every episode of the podcast! Lost of knowledge to be gained! Thanks Coach!
I would recommend Rob Taylor and SMARTER Team Training to any coach looking to improve their skills, train better athletes, and expand their knowledge of the fitness industry. Rob is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about training and teaching, and surrounds himself with the best in the industry. Would highly recommend listening to his podcasts!
Listening to the STT podcast gives me unparalleled information and motivation for strength training and mental training.
If you are looking to further your knowledge as a fitness professional the STT podcasts are a must. Rob and the STT staff are extremely motivating and passionate individuals.
Rob Taylor does a great job putting together his Smarter Team Training podcast. This is a must for anyone serious about excelling in the fitness industry. I really enjoy listening to great insight from the most influential names in fitness and sports performance from the Smarter Team Training podcast.
Rob is truly a one of a kind coach! The STT podcasts are exceptional resources to gain insight into various topics in the strength and conditioning profession. Keep up the great work. -JW Schaeffer
Rob Taylor and the STT staff bring a tremendous amount of passion to the fitness industry. I recommend the podcast to all strength training profressionals and those aspiring to enter the industry.
Our staff has been working with Rob Taylor and his team for almost two years. He always brings great energy and knowledge to any event. His podcasts are amazing and I listen to them regularly because he gets the best speakers in the industry and they provide content that would benefit any strength coach at any level. Keep up the great work Rob!
The Smarter Team Training program is designed to help athletes strive to the best of their abilities. I would recommend this podcast for the latest in training progression
These podcasts have become a valuable resource for me and all of our Trainers at my facility, No Limits Training Facility! They help me keep abreast of various training philosophies in our industry...... Thanks! Ron Greenfield, CPT Northstar, Sports Performance Director Albany Elite Lacrosse, Director Individualized Fitness Solutions
STT podcast is a MUST! Coach Rob Taylor demonstrates his dedication to the sports performance field by gathering diversified professionals that excel in their own niche and sharing with us all. I thank you Rob for all the knowledge I have gained through your work. Great resource for students and professionals, recommended for all car rides and even those long cardio days.
There's always something new that I learn every time I listen to a podcast. It's great to pick up new ideas on training and coaching from the best in the business.
Great podcast! Looking forward to listening more and learning cutting edge knowledge from the best in the training industry.
This podcast is an excellent resource for both sport coaches and performance coaches!
Coach Taylor does a great job of getting some of the best coaches in the business on the show to share their knowledge and experiences.
I love seeing when a new podcast is posted by Coach Taylor. His guests are incredible and really make me think about my own training philosophies, as I am still a college student working towards making an impact in the strength and conditioning field in a big way. Highly recommend this!
These podcasts are an incredible resource for anyone in the profession of athletics, especially young performance coaches like myself. Great, thorough interview - invaluable as a resource for personal and professional development!
The STT Podcast with Coach Taylor is a must listen! It’s obvious from the volume and quality of the content that Coach Taylor loves what he does and knows what he is talking about. Also apparent is that Coach Taylor takes time to seek out the best in the business for guest spots on the show. When guys like Dr. Stuart McGill, Charles Poliquin and Dr. John Berardi are stopping in to talk shop you know you it’s time to listen up and take notes. I highly recommend the STT Podcast. This Podcast has quality content, great guests and a hardworking host that digs in with questions to benefit people at every level and function of the health and fitness game. @CJsinisgalli
Rob Taylor continues to amaze me by always making sure his top priority is educating the industry of strength and conditioning and inspiring others to reach greatness. He has without a doubt been one of the pinnacle coaches providing real, in the trenches experience and advice through his podcasts, clinics and events. My staff and I are better coaches and individuals throughout the sharing of his knowledge and experience.
Rob Taylor really does a great job of bringing some of the best in the industry out on his podcasts to share their knowledge and experiences. Highly recommended subscribing to his podcast. You will not be disappointed!
Love this podcast, best source for continuing education and learn from critical thinkers. Can't say enough about the hard work Rob puts in making it a great show.
This podcast is extremely helpful to anyone in the fitness industry. The varied topics covered by some of the best in the industry gives me numerous ideas on how to adjust my training to different situations. Most of the industry leaders I closely follow have been interviewed by Rob Taylor. If someone as knowledgable as Rob Taylor is always learning something new, then we should all strive to get better daily. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK
Rob does a great job at getting a wide array of coaches with different philosophies, and allows you to learn from the very best. If you are looking to find new information from coaches who set the industry standard, you are in the right spot.
Coach Taylor does an excellent job of bringing coaches, nutritionists and business owners in the fitness industry together. The variety and quality of information that is available through his podcasts is outstanding. Furthermore, the reputable people with whom he conducts his interviews with keeps me coming back for more.
Rob Taylor produces some of the best podcasts in the strength and conditioning field. They are extremely informative and educational. He asks the questions that everyone in this field is thinking and those questions are being answered by the very best in the business. I recommend the STT podcasts to anyone who wants to further educate themselves by learning from the best.
I had been listening to the podcast for several years on my drives into work and using it for educational development for my student workers / interns. I was fortunate to meet Coach Taylor and find out how passionate he is about this field and doing everything he can to keep the information flowing enabling us to make the educated decisions for improving our athletes. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what Coach Taylor is doing and I would strongly recommend making the Smarter Team Training Podcast apart of your and your staffs’ professional development. Thank you and keep up the Great Work!!! -Anthony Delli-Pizzi
Rob interviews industry leaders, he asks great questions and gets answers that we all want to know. If you are a in the strength and conditioning business its a must listen.
Great way to keep up with the top industry leaders. The podcasts are interesting and informative. Rob does a great job and keeping the interviews fresh and relevant. Highly recommended.
Coach Taylor consistenly has some of the best in the industry on his podcast. This is a great resource for anyone in the strength and conditioning field.
I just recently discovered Rob last summer and he is one of the finest trainers I have encountered. He not only pushes you to your full potential but he is also very knowledgable and explains to you the importance of each exercise. likewise he is also very dedicated to your goals as an athlete and as an individual. I highly recommend him to anyone and have nothing but positive remarks about him as a person and all of Smarter Team Training.
Rob takes my training very seriously and he prepares me for college level sports. His training is very helpful and shows great results.


By Kato33
I have learned so much just listening to these podcast! I am looking forward to more!!


By Dengo76
Love to be able to have acccess to some of the best minds in the business and hear them speak in a relaxed Q & A format.
Rob's library of professionals in these podcasts is incredible! Huge resource for anyone looking to gain information or to improve upon his or her craft. I listen and re-listen to these whenever I get a chance.
Coach Taylor brings great, quality information with each and every podcast. I highly recommend his podcast to all strength professionals. Thanks Rob and keep up the good work!
Coach Taylor is always putting out fresh and educational Athletic Performance content every Podcast. I don’t know how he does it, but always surprises me. Highly recommend it for all Strength Coaches.