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The gang of VGH: Randy, Paul and DJ are just cool Katz. I love this podcast. The program is cool, funny and just easy to listen. I alway feel like I just finished hanging with friends once the podcast ends. Keep up the great work VGH.
Great group of guys who talk about games once a week for all to enjoy. Great personalities and banter makes this one of my favorite podcasts. They also frequently engage with their audience via game nights, viewer mail and even having listeners guest host. Just subscribe; you won't regret it! :-)
Amazingly awesome! These guys really know their stuff! I enjoy each of their perspectives on video games plus I get to learn more about other games besides Xbox :D keep up the great work
I always look forward to checking in with these guys weekly to hear about what they’ve been playing. So glad to hear smart criticism of the medium and catch up with titles that I overlooked. Thanks guys, keep it up.
This show is so good that as the wife of one of the hosts, I get really mad when Paul is editing it in my hearing range. "Stop! I don't want to be spoiled!" I say. He says "What's there to spoil?" I say, "Don't take away from my enjoyment!" But seriously, I enjoyed the show from the start, and it has only gotten better and better. The guys have really honed their skills as speakers and their discourse feels intelligent, witty, and current. It makes me wish I had much more time to play games, and I'm constantly adding their recommendations to my list of games to play. I have seen, first hand, the dedication and hard work that these guys have put into this podcast, and the quality definitely shines through in their productions.
These guys are awesome. I look forward to their podcast every week. Keep up the good work!!!!!
Best Podcast Ever.
These guys run a really entertaining show, you get a lot of well thought out views on game design, the art of the medium etc as well as friendly banter amongst friends. Unlike a lot of gaming podcasts that tend to run super dry or have hosts with awkward personalities, these guys clearly know what they're talking about and have the skills to express it in an engaging way. Highly recommended.
It's tough for me to get invested in podcasts but VGH is a great listen. Randy, DJ and Paul are all super-knowledgeable, funny guys who would be good enough to listen to on their own, but their chemistry and differences in taste make for superbly entertaining conversation. Excellent pacing, the hour will fly by and you'll find yourself reaching for a back episode in no time. Definitely worth your listening time.
I like the show, the hosts talk about a subject each week rather than just running down the news lists. It is fun to hear what each of their opinions are, and the argument to back them up. Some of the things they say make me re-examine my own opinions on the topic. That said, one star off for the host Randy, who has a vocal tic. he "laugh/coughs" the last word in every other sentence. some days I don't care, other days I need to turn it off. It is similar to hearing someone say "like" constantly.


By Hestar
Why listen to the rest when you can listen to the best..Hilarity + video game talk = watch the time fly by!!
It has a good mix of information and humor. They talk about things I'm actually interested in and can connect with instead of inside jokes, which is nice. I recommend it.
I had been looking for a new gaming podcast to subscribe too since my current lineup seems to have gotten a bit stagnant. In comes Video Game Hangover, which is a super easy listen with 'gaming fans' as opposed to so-called 'professional opinions'. No attitudes , or over-inflated egos - just a bunch of guys sitting around talking shop about what they've been playing amidst other gaming-related news & topics. It's an easy listen in the sense that you feel like you can jump right into the conversation at any point which at many times I wish I could. Kudos on releasing a non-pretentious gaming podcast by gamers for gamers. Will be staying tuned!
You guys are still doing great work! Again, all three of you interact and compliment each other. VGH is a different gaming podcast its not the same old same old every week. I have to say the community theatre is easily the best part and it needs more Resident Evil/Silent Hill or maybe some Duke Nukem 3D.
Sound: It has it 11/10 Gameplay: Almost nonexistent 7/10 Graphics: It has colors 10/10 As a whole this podcast is a mixed bag for fans of the genera. 10/10 Highly recommended.
These guys are funny, intelligent, and witty. Great new games podcast!