Ohhhh Indeed

Reviews For Ohhhh Indeed

Great listening, time is well used not any down time. Definitely worth your time listening to.
Listen to the show instead....! INDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.
Agreed agreed agreed agreed agreed. Agreed agreed. Agreed!
If you love games, the gaming lifestyle, the latest news, and a belly aching laugh then this is the podcast for you! The hosts and occasional guests are well versed on all platforms and discuss the latest and greatest to the worst of the worst games in an honest, frank, and awesomely humorous manner. Do yourself a favor and take a listen, you won't be disappointed!
Hilarious, informative, and downright awesome. One of the best podcasts I've ever heard!
Good show bro! I laughed, I learned, and I did it again. Good stuff man. You have vast gaming knowledge. Keep it up!
I'm not sure I should be writing a review for this show. I know Stephen in the real world. We've hung out, had some drinks, and even played Rock Band together... Okay, I'll be truthful, I played Rock Band, he tried. :) Seriously, though, Big Stephen & Christian put on a great show. Maybe it's not the most professionally produced show out there, but they are incredibly passsionate and knowledgeable about video games of all kinds. Between the two of them, they've probably played 90% of all the games made in the last 10 years. Big Stephen and Christian know their S***!! Listen now or face my wrath!!
big stephen (e's replaced with 3's) plays all the games so you don't have to. seriously, he plays damn near everything that comes out. his game knowledge is staggering and he puts on a hell of a show. good work.
Love you guys. I like listening to your thoughts and views on the gaming world. Keep em coming. Oh and get Hayden on here soon, hehaw.
i like listening to these dudes talk about gaming because they are so passionate about it. their conversational style can put u at ease and hypes u at the same time. informative and relatable
All about Video games. What's New, What's old, What's good and What's Garbage. It's an awesome podcast if you're a gamer. BigStephen and his cohost Christen bring the video game talk to you almost every week. I love you you Fat ****. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiim. ; )
Legend on the mic returns, but Christian steals the show. A gamer somewhat after my own heart.
Big Stephen and Christian are great. Bringing you quality entertainment for your earholes. More fun than double teaming a girl smothered in Peanut Butter.
Simply put.....BigSt3ph3n is funny as hell, man. This guy lets his geek shine and keeps them haters in line.
The Ohhhh Indeed podcast is almost as good as hockey. Okay, it's not nearly as good as hockey, but it's still awesome. Check it out if you like fat men who wear trashbags as condoms and use Country Crock as a sexual lubricant.
So happy you're back man! You bring it typical stephen style yet again. Keep up the good work bro.
In his first stint at solo podcasting, Big Stephen excels at filling my earholes with quality garbage!
Funny and whats better then listening to a real gamer talking about games.
Ohhhh indeed is where it's at! You get to hear Big St3ph3n talk about video games and the life of being a gamer! What more could u want? Oh I dunno maybe a eargasm. That's right....he's got u covered! This is also very closely tied in with mediocre show and obviously oblivious! Check out them great podcasts on iTunes! Subscribe and review em!
If you don't subscribe, your garbage son!!!! Great podcast, funny, keeps you informed on video games, movies, media, etc. Dudes got skills. Glad he's back.