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I have been a dive pro a long time and have been listening to this excellent podcast for 3 years. Rich's passion for diving and straight talk about the self destructive aspects of the dive industry can not be found any where else. This is by far the best scuba podcast and I hope it is not diminished with a switch to video.
I recently found this podcast and have begun binge listening from episode 1. It keeps me thinking and dreaming about diving. It has entertained me over many miles of road commuting to work (and while traveling to a dive weekend in MO). Good information. Easy to listen to. Has increased my knowledge of SCUBA. Thanks.
Good show about serious diving. If you are a new open water diver all the way up to a seasoned Instructor you’ll find something interesting in Rich’s podcast. I listen during my commute to the firehouse and look forward to the new episode each week. Keep up the good work
Great Podcast for all divers I wrote a review over 3 years ago praising this show and I must say this Podcast is still worth every minute. I started listening when I lived in Hawaii and was just an open water diver. Now years later I am a Padi Dive Master in no small part because of the inspiration of this podcast. I've been listening since the host was a guest on Scuba Obsessed (another outstanding podcast) (even the pre-shows) and I haven't missed a single episode. I now live in Alabama and dream of the next dive and Rich's show helps keep me going in between dives! This show reviews great dives sites around the U.S. As well as accessible dive sites in the surrounding waters around America. My bucket list has grown since listening to this show because of the great info Rich shares. He also talks about new diving developments in the industry as well as reviews equipment he's familiar with or sells. No beating around the bush with this host, he tells it like he sees it. He does have an opinion about most things diving and I don't always agree, but since he funds the show completely on his own, he's entitled to it. Keep up the great work and don't give up or let the industry beat you down Rich! Thanks, Lacy Ps. A video podcast sounds great, but will be harder to watch since I usually listen while on the way to work. I'll certainly try though if you do.
I am always searching on the internet for SCUBA information and shows. Many of the shows are cancelled and not current. Rich is here every week without fail. many times divers become disconnected with their local shop and dive biddies. Rich helps many bridge the gap and stay interested and in touch with diving. Rich gives great commentary about his dives, gear and instruction. I look forward to listening every week to get my SCUBA fix. Joining in on the live chat and show is a great bonus as well! Download past episodes and listen in. You won't be disappointede
Rich, I want to thank you for all the work and time you put into keeping this podcast going. I love to get to listen each week to your recent diving adventures, upcoming opportunities to dive, and just help to keep myself excited about diving when I can not get out to dive myself. I live near Pittsburgh, Pa and am hoping to sometime soon get out to White Star when you will be there to just say thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom you have shared online.
This is a must listen to any divers or anyone interested in learning to SCUBA dive. Rich has a very good format that mixes amazing stories of dives he goes on and incredibly valuable information about the sport in general. Listening live gets the added bonus of additional information and opinions of an incredible chartroom. My schedule won’t let me listen live very often but the podcast is on my must listen channel.
Rich Synowiec, the author/personality of this podcast keeps me up on current trends in Diving. Here in the Midwest, when weather prevents diving comfortably, he keeps me in touch with my great enjoyment of this sport until I am able to get into the water again. Rich please keep this going.
By Scuba Jim. This is by far one of the best podcast out there for not only new divers but divers of all levels of experience. Rich takes the time to give you all that he knows about equipment, diving skills, and training. He bends over backwards to try and make sure you have the opportunity to get everything you want out of this wonderful sport. Recently I went back to a podcast from season 1 episode 25 in which he talks about supporting your LDS. Now I understand. Thanks Rich
The host (a local diveshop owner) seems to enjoy misteps made by the inexperienced a little too much for my liking. If my LDS had this attiude I would have left it 20 years ago.
Great podcast. It is very entertaining and gives you the opportunity to learn something about diving. Keep it up.
I love this podcast!! Not only does Rich pack his podcasts with amazing amounts of useful diving informtion he does so in an unintimidating and interesting way. Rich's personality quickly disarms you and you end up with the impression that you are there with him tilting a few adult beverages and talking scuba. Not only that, if you email him with a question he emails back! I have learned a lot from listening to him and I am always wanting to get back in the water after an hour listening. Love the "pure Michigan" commercials too..... Jack Myrtle Beach
I have not went diving in over 10 years but love to listen to the show every week. It helps me with the dream I have about getting back into diving thanks for the time you put into the show.
Fantastic weekly podcast that provides discussion on both tech and non-tech topics. In my opinion, a successful podcast should both educate and entertain the listener....this podcast nails it on both!
I downloaded from the beginning and am working my way through them all while listening to the new ones. The energy and excitement for diving on this podcast is contagious. I want to dive more and try new types of diving and am inspired to because of the positive diving attitude on this show. Thanks so much!
I listen every week, when driving 2 hrs to and from work.
I love this podcast so much I listen live and download it to listen to again later. As a new diver, I really appreciate his informative shows. I have learned a lot listening to him about diving & dive related travel. Be sure to check out the chatroom too! Thanks Rich!
I found the podcast to be honest, informative, and entertaining. It is refreshing to listen to a dive shop owner who has not lost sight of why people dive. I downloaded the past episodes and look forward to listening to honest opinions and great advice. Rich evens talks about surface narcosis training during the podcast. I need a diver/shop owner/instructor like him in my area!
This show helps keep the surface interval bearable. E-mail Rich a topic/question and he will discuss it on the show (usually). Great source of information about diving. Good for all levels of divers and non-divers. Chat room is a blast, got be there. This show makes me wish I live up north, Diving sounds wonderful. Can't wait to go on one of the trips Rich is always talking about. See you in the chat room.
Rich is a very knowledgeable instructor. He is fun to listen to and has great info about ALL things diving. If you get a chance to listen live it is a hoot. Between DiverSync and Scuba Obsessed they keep the "surface intervals" bearable. Keep up the Great Shows!
I really enjoy your perspective of shop owner, Instructor, and avid diver. As a PADI Tec Deep instructor, I like how you weave in the Tec stuff along with topics for brand new divers. Great job!
I wanted to thank you for taking the time to discuss a sport we seam to love and just can't get enough of. After hearing you as a guest speaker/host on Scuba Obsessed I was happy when you started your own podcast now I have more to listen to. The stuff you talk about is cool and informative. I truely love the fact you just speak what your heart says. Please keep up the good work and I hope one day I might get to dive with you.
Rich does a very good job informing and entertaining at the same time. As a BRAND new diver(confined water 6/18-19) i love this show keep it up rich hope to see you sometime at white star. My open water is 6/25-26 and hope to start the adventuresin diving on the 26 as well The new guy Denver, CO
Great show, I went back and downloaded all of the episodes. I thoroughly enjoy the tips on equipment as well as the travel. It's nice to think that there are divers out there that love our sport as much as the rest of us do. Keep ou the good work; I look forward to many more podcasts. ShipWreck Mike, Fontana CA
I thought it is important to say that I'm pretty sure that there are many loyal listeners like me who can not wait to down load your latest pod cast weekly who are not able to participate live weekly. Thanks and keep it coming.