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Whenever a new Mego Museum is available, I know it will bring a smile to my face!


Glad I found this,you guys do a great job and like you are having fun doing it look forward to more!
Love this podcast! Since the invention of the podcast I've waited for one with a Mego focus. Thankfully, it has arrived and it doesn't disappoint. I'm hoping we see many years of shows to come.
It's early yet, but the inaugural episode is tight and well produced. If you are old enough to remember the line of Mego toys from the 1970's with those brightly-colored super-heroes, monsters and Star Trek characters (and oh so much more...), then you'll probably enjoy these conversations about "The World's Greatest Action Figures". These guys are "curators" over at The Mego Museum website, so they know their stuff as well as anybody about the subject. I look forward to this podcast becoming a nostalgic trip back to my youth as they discuss my all-time favorite toys as a child of the 70's.