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A truly talented individual. He says he is not a preacher but he speaks directly to the spirit. His music is captivating both lyrically and technically, nothing like it anywhere.
I can't tell you how much this podcast has helped me make sense of the world. I don't totally agree with Zeph on everything, what two humans do, but his ground breaking and brilliant insights on gangstalking, and on how the spiritual affects the material is priceless. Without this Podcast, I would still be trying to make sense of numerous traumas , from adulthood and childhood. I can't recommend it enough.
"Emerging as only a masterpiece can,painfully but inevitably.If it is giving me pleasure and pain in equal measure,you can be sure others will love it too.We live in a time when the world needs a powerful injection of hope and personal achievement.Nothing cynical will serve our purpose now.Nothing smart arsed or gross will do.It must seem real,weird and extraordinary,but within reach." - Ralph Steadman ,Between the eyes,1984..
I have been listening to Zeph and his brilliant musings and music for years, and enjoy every moment. No one is more real in exposing what is really going on in the world, and Zeph and his wife Trish are very talented. The guests, from Brother Thomas to Jonathan Kleck, to personable regular Frankie, are a stellar lineup of original minds.