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Re:producers of the 90’s. I produced “ For Your Own Special Sweetheart”. John Agnello , a friend of mine, did the TAG “Jawbox” record. I think a fair amount of your insight into production , etc. is sort of snarky and rather uninformed about how we work and also record ‘companies work. All of that behinds the scenes stuff is just conjecture for the most part. Ted Niceley
Be warned... You are not going to agree with everything these guys say. You are going to be disappointed with some episodes you were looking forward to. However, this is no different from what happened to most music lovers in the 90’s. You would fall in love with an album, and get your best friend or (if you were brave) your girlfriend to listen to it, only to be crestfallen when they express their poor opinion of this thing that had become a part of you. It’s okay. Take a deep breath. They’re not judging you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion (wrong as they sometimes may be). The hosts, Tim and Jason (and their many guests) are thoroughly entertaining. Tim comes across as the merciful magistrate, while J plays bad cop. It works really well. I recommend starting with an episode covering an album you hate. It’s easier on the soul. Then dip your toe into an episode about an album you feel nothing about or are simply not at all familiar with. (There are a lot of episodes wherein they review albums that never made it to the States. If you have been stuck in the U.S. your entire life, these would be good ones to start with.) If you love 90’s music (or just rock music in general), check this podcast out. Give it a chance. It will probably grow on you. You’ll be through the hundreds of episodes before you know it, and you’ll be eagerly awaiting more. BTW, if you join the Dig Me Out Union on Patreon, you get to hear even more...You can participate in the selection process, and you get the opportunity to discuss (aka argue) about music with others who have strong (incorrect) opinions about music too. Enjoy!
Two guys, both clueless about music, review records they’ve barely even listened to. If I were to have an hour long podcast concerning an album, I’d probably listen to the actual record before trying to opine on it.
Just discovered this podcast and it is clearly right in my wheelhouse. As a Gen X dude and musician...they touch on a ton of the albums that shaped my world back in the 90s. The reviewers who have given negative reviews...clearly do not get it. Keep up the great work!!
Enjoyed the roundtable about the Human Radio debut from 1990. It's clear you listened to the record closely and had very well-formed opinions, and that is much appreciated. As a direct agent in the proceedings of this band I found the analysis pretty spot on; it's true I had a lot to say and did so often without subtlety, see my solo work for improvement on that account. 1990 and the leadup to it were weird years for music, y'all, as you duly noted, and HR was a direct response to it. Plus we were from Memphis. Anyway, thanks for the spin, the speak, the plug. You've hooked another fan.
I recently discovered the podcast and over the past two weeks I binge-listened to about 70 hand-picked episodes of albums I already knew from Dig Me Out's first 400 episodes. Tim and J's history as college DJs as well as being in a band together really helps when hosting a podcast which attracts a large part of their audience through nostalgia. As musicians themselves, they can offer an analysis of the music you don't typically see in most album reviews. I really like that they turn to their listeners for help choosing which albums to do next. I ran a music webzine myself from 1996-2016, and relied on heavily on my readers to help the direction of the site, and I think that's the best way to go. As an aside, as a web developer, I definitely noticed and appreciated the corrected "forward slash" instead of "back slash" when saying URLs. As a music zine editor, it sometimes bothered me when they got the occasional music fact wrong (the pronunciation of Ani Difranco's name comes to mind), but FAR more often, they showed they really knew their stuff and I was regularly humbled by just how deep their knowledge of the albums went, and it showed they earned their roles as hosts of the podcast. I do miss the "history of the band" jingle, not sure why that went away. It surprised me how often the album reviews I listened to were albums I knew really well and/or reviewed myself twenty years ago, but they for the most part only knew singles in passing. But it often went the other way as well. Long story short, I listened to about five episodes a day for the past few weeks and didn't grow tired of the podcast. I'm not a huge fan of the podcast website design, but you can enjoy the podcast just fine without ever visiting the site. I signed up for the Patreon, and I recommend it for any other 90's alternative music fan.
Jay and Tim review a 90s related music topic each week, whether it be an album review, interview or focus on a band or genre. From the popular to the obscure, they constantly seek guidance from listeners on what to dig up next, with little fear of what they might find next. It's a great podcast for both revisiting CDs that may have collected dust in your collection for over 20 years and discovering new favorites that you never knew existed. As both musicians and former dj's both Jay and Tim have a unique approach to listening and rating music, I'll always gain some additional insight even when I'm extremely familiar with the subject. They release a new episode every week so you'll always have fresh content. Give it a try!
I'm still working my way through the back catalog of the this podcast and enjoying every minute. From obscure one-album wonders to forgotten gems, if you have any affection for 90s rock, you are bound to find some wonderful bands you missed the first time around.


By jmxmas
A very insightful look into a strange decade for music. At first I only downloaded episodes for bands I was familiar with, but it’s much more fun to explore and hear their tales on music you don’t know. Highly recommended!


Skinny Puppy and Brainiac!? How I wish there podcasts devoted just to these two bands!
I enjoy the varied selections for reviews on the podcast. Discussions are great with lots of detail. Not sure if this is where to make a suggestion but how about Huffamoose's - "We've Been Had Again" (1997). They had a few minor hits on alt/rock radio at the time. Then they got dropped during label shakeups/mergers of late 90s, signed with another label, released another album, broke up. They actually were featured in a rock doc of the 1997-1998 era album, tour, dropped from label, etc - called Here Comes Huffamoose.
I had recently discovered this album and was blown away, I think it’s one of the best undiscovered albums. Listening to the review I was expecting to hear more positive information. It was just all bashing They could’ve had a better take on it, this may have gotten more people to check it out.
Informative podcast about 90's music from some unknown bands or unknown records by known bands. The guys are very well inform and provide bits of information you never knew about your favorite band. When you start listening, keep in mind that there is some downside to reviewing 20 year old records; although they are very upfront about their relationship with an album at the time, sometimes they will review an album they hadn't heard much (can't know them all). These opinions 20 years later may be different than the the opinions of a 20 year old in 1992. So yes, your feeling may be hurt (the Sundays episode), but don't hold it against them! Keep up the good work.
This is everything you could want out of a 90s rock podcast. These guys are digging into the 90s with full dedication to lots of content, very well researched information and the occasional interview and expert round-tables that all helps to legitimize their opinions on the familiar and obscure record reviews. Well done!
There are so many songs from the heyday of alternative/college radio that I loved, but faded away when the scene changed. I've rediscovered so many old favorite songs through this great show. The guys are thoughtful and funny, even when I don't agree with their reviews. Check this show out if you grew up on 90s rock - you'll love it!


Great podcast! Highly relatable and always the right amount of detail for each album. Uncovering the mysteries and demystifying some of the greatest music of last great decade of recorded music - the 90’s. I came for the Failure (band) content and stayed for the rest. Highly recommended!
Whether these guys are revisiting a monster like Guns N Roses or a criminally overlooked act like Triplefastaction, every episode tries to bring a fresh critical eye to albums that are often two decades old but sound as if they could have been released yesterday.
Great podcast, thanks for including Paw. Still a fan over twenty years later. Mark’s a great individual and still stays in touch with Paw’s fans. Paw live are/were phenomenal, never disappoint.
These guys know their stuff and the interviews are top notch. I'm impressed. My only recommendation would be to bump the volume up to match other high quality podcasts. Great job!
I always look forward to hearing what Tim and Jay are going to dig up next. Sometimes it's a fave of mine, too. Others, it's something I've never heard of before, that leads to a cool new discovery. Even on those occasions when I don't agree with the hosts opinions, it's always an entertaining listen. If you love 90's music, especially that on the obscure or underrated side, this is a podcast you should be checking out!
I'm super picky about podcasts, but these guys are awesome. Totally dedicated pros who produce a clean, insightful podcast every single week. Look forward to it every week.
Love this podcast. Some of the more obscure albums sometimes aren't as interesting to listen to, but there are a few gems I have never heard of that I became interested in. As anyone who loves alternative from the 90's this is a great podcast. I liked the recent format of the "Sweet Relief" one where they went track-by-track through the whole disc instead of skipping around. Great job, guys.
Though they seem to get their band histories straight off of wikipedia, they present an entertaining listen. I certainly don't agree with them much, but they at least are informed enough about music in general to be able to back up what they say and I can certainly appreciate that. One thing I that might be a little more interesting is to take on bands rather than just albums. That way we as listeners can get a much fuller picture of what happened within the band musically, etc. Plus, it would seriously cut down on the albums in your queue. Lastly, band histories seem a bit odd when you are typically just looking at the band for a moment in time, and not their whole career. Overall, I really like this podcast, and I am glad that my search on the God Machine pulled it up. (By the way, you are wrong on them. And you can never convince me otherwise!!) Keep up the reat work!!!
This is my favorite period of music, and Tim & Jay rediscover both college hits and major label obscurities that will have you digging through CD dollar bins afterwards.


By N896
I really like this podcast. here are some bands i think you guy should do, american football/ capn jazz/ sunny day real estate/saves the day .
also, the first 4 minutes of episode sixteen are hilarious.
Well done, guys! I have enjoyed both of your 90's picks so far. Keep up the good work!