The Carl and Josh Show

Reviews For The Carl and Josh Show

Love every minute. Funny people. Lots of conflict. Can't wait for more!
The Josh and Carl Show is pretty rad. I'd listen to it again. And again. And again.
I was looking for a podcast that would not only entertain me, be give me a transformational experience... and I have found it! Before I listened, I was just a nerdy kid, but now...Now I am a Nerdy MAN! That's right, this podcast was my comedy Bar Mitzvah! Never before have a laughed at such amazing topics, like podcasts, podcasting and making podcasts! Never before have I pressed my ear-holes so intensely to my sound-providing cans to be enriched by such comedy gold! Thank you, Carl! Thank you, Josh! Thank you. first you conquer the world of comedy... then... the World! -Graham
Especially in Episode 301. I've been a fan for years, since around podcast 20. It's very cool to see this podcast mentioned by Terrance Stamp at the oscars and again by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. As a hipster though I will stop listening when they become popular.
These guys are great on the air together. Cant get enough of the arguing.
I am glad I stumbled on to this one! I'll definitely be taking the time to go back through all the shows and get more familiar with the show. I listened to a couple and was definitely hooked! - Eli B. / Interrupted Transmission Podcast
Check out this show... worth your podcast listening time!
Josh's Psychic News and Carl's stupid news segments are awesome. I've enjoyed this show for "years." Ever since the now infamous Super & The Meatboy episodes.
It's simple- Just engaging, interesting funny people having a chat. What else do you need?
Carl and Josh are a dynamic duo! The energy is great and it's a lot of fun.
...who to like better, Carl or Josh? 5 stars!
This show excites me! Josh and Carl are very funny! Great energy! Captivating!
It is Carl and Josh! Can't find a girl to find him attractive, but they can find the laughs.
Absoposolutely hilarious. PS Carl rocks.
But he is brilliant. Carl...not so much. Laugh.