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I get tired of other podcasts after a time of listening to them, but not this one! These guys have the best chemistry, are so funny, and are so nice. They are able to make me laugh multiple times per episode and when they take a day off, I feel lost. They do post recap shows on those days that they take off and I love those episodes too. I met them In person at King Scott’s bachelor party, but honestly, felt like I’ve known them for years now. This show is a must listen and I try to talk everyone into listening. I love love love the Rizzuto show!!!
This show cured my aids
Love this show the guys are amazing the chemistry is great and the show has been blasting through my speaker from coast to coast as I delivery the goods
Cannot get enough of the Rizz Show guys! I listen to every word of every podcast and love every minute of it. Who needs a tv anymore?!


This show is full of jerks but I love it
First, Im not from the St.Louis area (I live in Southern California) but that doesn’t matter. I’ve been listening for almost a year without missing a day. The Rizz show feels like family and I look forward to hearing from them everyday and King Scott . I literally laugh out loud while I’m working as a doordash driver and people a red lights must think I’m insane. Thank you guys for being real, funny and honest. wash your freaking hands ! -love you baby George
Just wanted to thank you for shouting out my Wife Teresa on Friday’s show for her 30 years at Walmart .. It meant a lot to her and myself...She was totally shocked
Love this show!! You guys can keep it serious, try to make people understand our well-being is important, yet keep us laughing when we need it!! Love you all and miss coming to your events
I love this morning show. Although I can’t catch you guys in the morning I catch up with this Podcast. I put you guys on every time I’m in the car or at the gym. You guys help my gym time go by so much better. I’ve caught myself on the elliptical laughing out loud!!
I look forward to my drives, just so I can catch up on the podcast. I love keeping up with all things rizz show through the podcast. I don’t catch up on any other podcast until I am all caught up on this. Love all of the guys!
Is from Friday wth
I refuse to listen to any of my other podcasts until I’m caught up with the Rizz show!
I haven’t missed an episode in 5 years. Best show out there.
Other than Patrico this show is great! If Rizz ever leaves and Tony takes over it’s doomed
Love the Rizzuto Show! They are really up on current events and helping out local people here in St Louis
They cover anything you need, they are informative and hilarious. They always cheer me up! I’ve seen comments about needing a woman, as a woman I totally disagree!! Love the show the way it is don’t change a thing please!
Listen to the show every morning on the way to work. Great source for news, sports, and entertainment! Could use a woman though.


I work a split shift and when this podcast hits, I’m all over it. Congrats King Scott on your upcoming nuptials. I enjoy Rizzutos taste for avoiding parking lots. I enjoy Moons road stories. Tonys freak outs, and Jeff mega creepy comments. Keep it up boys!
Never miss an episode
I listen every day and love these guys so much! Rizz is a master of keeping everyone engaged and the show running smoothly.
This show is the best!!! I listen to it live in the morning then catch the podcast in the afternoon to listen to what I missed! These guys are so funny and together they keep you entertained and laughing from the beginning to the end of the show. Love these guys!!!!
Nah, it’s a podcast! A pretty good podcast, maybe the best podcast in the world. Then again maybe Dogs can talk but you have to prove yourself before they will. In the words of the worlds greatest elf Harry Potter, “ I am your father”
Yup that’s it, Moon’s the worst
They guy’s are the best I am a OTR truck driver and they keep me going and give me a good laugh definitely helps keep me rolling at night
These guys have earned and kept their 5 stars every day! Love this show! It’s a great break from teaching kids when it’s needed! The guys are real and they keep it funny!
I listen live every day and then catch the podcast for anything I missed! You guys help me get work done when I have to stay late (high school English teacher here)! Thanks!
I’ve been a listener since high school and a podcast weirdo since I moved to Indiana in 2016. From the charitable work, witty banter, heated arguments, and everything in between, I wouldn’t get a daily laugh without you guys and I sincerely thank you for everything! ❤️
Had to drop it from a 5 to a 3. They don’t cut out all of the commercials anymore. The audio skips forward a second or two, about ten or fifteen times an episode, cutting out a few words or often a punchline. They play games focusing on music... that they can’t play on the podcast, so they cut the game out or take out the songs
Always a fantastic show never fails it’s 5 of your friends sitting down and having a real conversation
Happy birthday Rizz. Great podcast, although I am not the arbitrator of taste like Rizzuto. Funny and on point. Thank you guys!!
Love this show. I’d marry this show and properly make a woman of it. Just wreck it so it couldn’t get out of bed the next morning. Suffice it to say, I am a fan.


These fellas keep St. Louis laughing every time they hit the air. I never miss a second of the content they produce, and you shouldn’t either, bc that would be a (catchy sound effect) FAIL!
These guys are great, day in and day out. Never fails to make me laugh. I never miss an episode.


By Cmw288
My favorite morning show of all time!!
Best show in the world! Energy Up weirdos
I’ve been listening to this show since 2014 and it never disappoints! In fact, it continues to evolve and get better and better. King Scott was a great addition in 2018 and the spin-off Worst of the Week Podcast provides an entertaining, uncensored weekly recap of the Rizzuto Show. Give it a won’t regret it!
This show is so entertaining!! I love it and all the guys on here!! Great chemistry!!
Everyone needs to listen to this podcast. The guys are fantastic. I never miss an episode.
I was a little skeptical when the old show went its separate ways, but this is definitely my favorite morning radio show/podcast. Rizz is a great host, Patrico has more than stepped up to fill a cohost position, Jeff, I missed so much(every time) when he left the point, is an awesome mix to the personalities, and Moon, though chatty, adds a different perspective and depth to the conversation. I think it’s a good show without too much animosity between the crew, yet a lot of great debate and dialogue. Really love the show, keep up the good work. (Sorry Scott you’re awesome too, just speak up and own your bad(great) jokes.)
I listen every morning on the way to work and get the rest on podcast when I get home
Just listened to the Andrew Santino episode. It was Gold!
You guys are part of my daily routine... If I miss a slow I feel like the whole day is ruined
My husband and I are both avid podcast listeners. We get through our work day listening and laughing with you all. Keep up the great work!


I heard a “best of” segment recently that had a discussion about these guys playing softball. Riveting! Can’t imagine what you left on the cutting room floor. Why does Tony yell so much? Why is he always out of breath? Why does he always try to dominate the conversation? Maybe let someone else talk once in a while? The freak of the week thing is so bad. This is such a crutch for them. They get a ton of mileage out of it.
I love this morning show! Hands down the best radio show in STL. I highly recommend this podcast and couldn’t get through my day without it.
I listen every day when I’m at work. I used to listen to Lux, who I am missing but still get a little Lux in👍. But now never miss an episode since being introduced to podcast
Love this show so much it should be 6 hours long!
Whoever comes up with the pod descriptions deserves a raise lol