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These guys do a good job discussing all things Pelicans
I have to admit I should have done this review back in the Ryan and McNamara says but I was slack and didn’t realize the importance so sorry guys. With that being said, I love this Podcast. This Pod was the only dedicated pod for the Pels for years. The current hosts Mason and Shamit are fun and full of insight. If you are a Pels fan take the time to subscribe.
In the N.O. is the E’Twaun Moore of podcasts.
Shamit and Mason are smart, funny, knowledgeable Pelicans fans who don’t take themselves too seriously. They have taught me a lot about basketball in Nola, even recommending/predicting team power moves before they happen (Derrick Favors). I hope they do an episode soon featuring Joel Meyers, as he is a national treasure.


The shrimp fried rice here is amazing and you aren’t going to find a deal as great as their 3-for-1 margaritas on Margarita Madness Mondays
Love the new intro with Zion!! I definitely enjoy this podcast!!
Hosts don’t even live in NO and bring their politics into almost every episode. Ginsberg is not even that knowlegable about analytics, roster building and the modern NBA.
Shamit and Mason are terrific. Informed, insightful, knowledgeable, and entertaining. The most in-depth and accurate Pelicans podcast available.
Always enjoy what comes out of these guys mouths! Haha Ryan and Michael provide a dash of good cop bad cop with a sincere knowledge and passion for all things Pelicans! I have been a fan since you guys first started and always look forward to this pod
Mac and Ryan are true blessings to Pels fans.
Love the podcast!!
This is my favorite podcast. The old shows are great as well. It is starting to pick up after the loss of longtime host Michael McNamara. Schwann is always great and recwntly the guests have really started stepping their game up. I hope it continues forever as it is the best source of knowledge for my favorite team.
Love listening in to this podcast each week during the season as they spend a LOT of time and look at the week and the team from all angles.
The guys are great. A great listen for any fan, including the dumb one who don't believe in demps!!! In Demps We Trust
Genuine fans who know their stuff.
Just what I was looking for when I seek out Pelicans inside info and predictions.
Awesome dudes and interesting stuff
Great podcast. A must-listen for pelicans fans.
Because you begged...You guys really know your stuff and I agree with you (Michael) on most of your views and theories. Very entertaining guys!
Thanks for all the great info! Hard to find good Pelicans info and you guys are the best!
Podcast is great! Lots of quality insider information and great ideas/topics. Both hosts interact with Pelicans fans and address topics that matter to their audience.
This is a very informative and entertaining show. I wish the shows were longer and more shows produced each week.
I listen to this podcast quite a bit. Can be a little long winded at times, but that's ok.
Ryan and Mike always bring the most insight, analysis, and fantastic guest to the podcast every week!
These guys do a great podcast for the PELICANS! They are very knowledgable in how basketball should be ran and played, are creative and thorough with their ideas to improve the team, and always have the teams best interest in mind. They are even a little funny. Great work, gents!
I love these guys! They know their stuff about New Orleans and I love to hear their views and opinions. They do a great job keeping it comical, entertaining, informational, and also do a great job staying in contact with the fans. Definitely 5 stars! 6 stars if I could.
Informative, in-depth, and fun podcast!
If you are a casual follower of the Pelicans, you will become a diehard after listening to an episode. Mike and Ryan know basketball, and are passionate about the Pelicans.
all pelicans, all the time. what more do I need to say? oh well get an opening!
If you love the basketball & specifically Pelicans Basketball you should love this podcast. The guys give great insight into the game & how NBA teams go about building rosters & championship teams. They sprinkle in just the right amount of comedy & McNamara always brings a great thinking mans perspective that at first seems counter intuitive but by the end of the podcast you wonder how you ever thought about it any other way. Overall Ryan & Mike make a great podcast team & inspire thought that goes beyond the podcast. Keep up the great work guys.
Woot woot!
Thank you guys so much for this podcast! I've listened to every episode for almost 2 years now! First episode was after the CP3 trade, remember it very well, I've loved it every since and I find myself everyday checking my phone for a new episode! Y'all are funny and entertaining and it's great to know that there are people like y'all and all the other podcast listeners that love the pelicans as much as I do! Keep it up! And give Ethan Bouillion a shout out next episode! Pelicans till I die!!!! Let's go pels!


By calesce
Listen to every episode, enjoy the insight and counterintuitive opinions.
Great podcast for Pelican related insights
Any Pelicans fan should be subscribed to this podcast, it's a MUST! The insight and well thought out topics are a joy to listen to, not to mention the great special guests. Look forward to these, and so will you!
Really like their pre-draft coverage.
These guys provide great insight about the New Orleans Pelicans, which I thoroughly enjoy as a diehard fan. Definitely worth your time if you are Pelican.
all pelicans all the time
Great podcasts yall are really smart
I Always look forward to it. We have a young exciting team with a lot of options ahead of us. It's fun to listen to the banter and predictions. Great insight from the guests as well(especially Gerry V). Keep up the great work... Let's go Pels!!!
This podcast does a great job of breaking down the Pelicans without bias. Ryan and Michael really do a ton of research. Also, if you drink every time Ryan calls the Pelicans the Hornets the podcast makes for a great drinking game!
The most informative NBA team coverage out there!
Want to say thanks. I'm up in shreveport where we get absolutely no news of the Pels. Thanks for fulfilling that need to know.
This podcast is very informative and entertaining, and it is a must have for any Pelican fan. The hosts are very knowledgable, and they keep you coming back for more every week. I only wish there was enough Pelican news to justify more podcasts in the week.
Great podcast for hopefully a team that will be great soon.
No better way to help the time fly by at work than with these podcasts. Funny, informative, and always interesting, it is by far my favorite podcast.
Easily the best source for Pelicans news. Great podcast