Dropping Bombs with Jay Hollenberg

Reviews For Dropping Bombs with Jay Hollenberg

All of Jay's podcasts are amazing! They always pump me up no matter what's going on in my life. Keep droppin those bombs, dj!
As he said in one of his eppisodes, he only drops bombs. Nuff said. Great mixes where every song just makes you go "OMG this is €*#%*¥+^ awesome!"


By KSB83
LOVE THE TRACKS!!! always new beats, pumping tracks love love love it, highly recommend
Jay-Hollenberg is rocking it again. Sweet episodes, no doubt an up-and-coming star in the DJ world.
This is such a great show! I'm not ordinarily a fan of house music, but Jay is definately converting me. I've been playing it everytime I predrink and it definitely gets me ready for the night. A great mix of both pop remixes and house songs, something for everyone! Five stars!!! Thanks so much, Jay :)