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When jack buck died. There was immediately a recognizable hole in “the universe”. ITRH, another familiar voice, speaking comfortably and in a knowledgible & entertaining manner has left another hole. RIP, rabbit hole
Love this podcast. Lots of great topics. Love the EDC topics.
Good podcast. It’s well made, has good information, and mostly I like the host. I hate it when he discusses republican politics. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t get into it often, and when he does, he generally isn’t super right wing. That being said, more than just republicans listen to your show, don’t alienate us. Keep up the good work on survival, leave your political believes at home please.
Love the podcast. Keeps it low key even when heavy topics come up. Avoids becoming political even when it would be super easy. Easy listen. Informative. Clearly he has fun with this.
Aaron is an excellent narrator and host. Outstanding guests are on this show. Worth listening to alone just to hear guest James Price!!! I have done many prepping enhancements due to Mr Price. That man is a genius through experience. I’m attending Sam Coffman’s Herbal Medic Academy after auditing Sam on this podcast. I can live without some content, such as homeschooling and cryptocurrancy, but alas, such variety is probably a key factor for what makes this podcast uniquely great.
After all these years, still one of the best survival oriented podcasts out there. Can't stop listening.
I have learned a lot from this podcast and I like the host
One of the few down to earth, practical survival podcasts. Well worth a listen!
I love these guys for all they're worth cause they tie down specifically for every topic within a single episode and help do prepare for the "urban" stuff which I quote useful so keep it up guys and thanks for the "entertainment" lessons. Much love Texas! :)
I have been a guest, and also love listening to “In The Rabbit Hole.” Aaron doesn’t shy away from the heated issues, and tells you what he thinks. That is my type of podcast :-)
I always trust I am in good hands with Aaron.
Lots of relevant and practical discussion every episode.
I work in sales driving in my car all week and I enjoy listening. Im out in west Texas also, so all Texas related news and legislation coverage is much appreciated! thanks man keep it up
This is where I turn to get great information with a laugh. I could not give a higher recommendation.
I love the no-nonsense, practical approach to survival, that comes from a place a pragmatic realism and not from some paranoid, end-of-the-world, Chicken-Little viewpoint. Well-done, Aaron - thank you!
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in self-sustainability. It's informative and fun and definitely a topic worth discussing!
If you think you're going to be listening to a bunch of radical, paranoid preppers, you're wrong. These guy have practical information that everyone can use. I especially like the idea of self-sufficiency and sustainability.
Engaging hosts and guests on a huge variety of topics, within the encompassing theme of urban survival.
So glad I found this podcast. It’s always been an interest of mine, but had never heard anything with such an interesting approach as this one. Keep it up - this is going to be a POPULAR podcast!
Great sohow on surviving in an urban environment!
A good variety of guest and and informtion - this allows us to survive the battlefield of business anbd life - well done and keep moving forward
This was awesome so many great topics that are good to hear from this perspective!
Good. A must listen. Keep up the great work. Love it. MarkG
When I need a pick me up. I listen to these guys. they add humor to the daily grind. I love the rabit stories.


By Lil-J90
So many great new things to learn on here! Very informative!
Loving this show! Great content that is very informative.
As a newbie in the survivalist world, this podcast is rich with information to get you started!
Definitely serves its purpose. If you're looking for survival tips and techniques, this show is for you! They talk about the obvious and the obscure - all beneficial.
Like the format of having two hosts- you guys play off each other well and definitely a TON of information in this show!
Such a great show. Informative and entertaining. Really makes you think about things in a new light. I’m in!
As a part of my job it’s important for me to know what to do in an emergency….tornados, hurricanes, major crisis…this is a great podcast to gain that information.
Excellent content and great delivery! Glad I found this informative show!
I have to admit I don’t know much about the subject, but I do think that urban survival and preparedness is something I need to know more about. Plus there is humor mixed in so its alot like giving hard information but making it entertaining.
Aaron, thank you for hosting this podcast, and for providing a context (something which the other shows – especially the ones on television) leave out, as to why people should be prepared. Your recent episode with Glen Tate was a great example – expanding on why we're teetering on the brink and how complacent people have become – of why the context is so much more important than “here are some people building bunkers and practicing survival skills in a modern society.” I really enjoy the way you run your podcasts, the way you add humor to otherwise very bleak concepts to help the medicine go down, and the sheer amount of useful information that I (and I'm sure many listeners) have come away with by listening to your show. Thanks and keep up the great work!
This is literally teaching people to survive.. not just some nerdy geeky paranoid stuff.. Like for us folks here in Asia, it is really important that we understand the importance of having the knowledge to survive.. Super love this podcast!!!
This is a fantastic show if you have any modicum of intelligence and educated of history. Great advice, stories and information! Keep it up!
unique and interesting. great topics and issues.
I just listened to Episode #135 with Glenn Tate, author of the 299 Days book series. In their own words the show “…focuses on all aspects of Modern Urban Survival. Suffice it to say it’s a Prepper’s dream. Well done, Aaron and Jonathan, wish you all the best!
Gear reviews, tactics, interviews, and good times. Where will you be after the zombie appocalypse? Better be safe than sorry.
Real information that you don't realize you need to know.
I enjoyed every minute of this show, I'm not even a survivalist, but really enjoyed this.
Not your cookie-cutter podcast and that's great. Really enjoy the wide variety of topics. Keep it up!
Every time I listen to itrh I want to stick my head in a blender. There are street maintenance holes that are more interesting than ITHR. I'd rather watch old people eat , paint dry , and hippies beards grow than listen to the snooze fest that is ITRH.
Good info and production but inconsistent at getting out episodes. What's new in survival podcasts 😜
Nice infromation. Really needed in the prepper world. One of your best episodes every.
This is a great down to earth prepairedness podcast.
Seems like the cast has lost it's energy. I hope that's it's just growing pains and they get back on track. Some of the recent shows seem like they really don't want to be doing the show and just trying to fill a prescribed time.
Finally, a realistic and practical urban survival padcast for the non-tinfoil hat crowd.