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Leo, Jason and their guests provide some incredibly compelling content and do a phenomenal job of simplifying complex ideas in a structured, entertaining way. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Triangulation if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to level up and better understand how tech is drastically shaping our future!
Some of the best interviews anywhere.
Did not know Leo had a pod cast, always enjoyed him on tec tv
Sort of like the old Big Thinkers show on Tech TV many years ago.
Triangulation podcast has been included in my weekly rotation of podcasts, I listen to 20-25 a week and always look forward to this one. Keep up the great job Leo!
A long-time TWiT fan, I just discovered Triangulation in the past two months. Leo is always an interesting host bringing a lot to any interview. But the concept with Triangulation is that the live Internet audience makes up a third participant in the interview, asking questions and giving feedback. The subjects, most often Internet luminaries and tech specialists, get time to discuss their interests in a format that television and radio just never allowed. A Jeri Ellsworth interview stretches over the length of an entire 60 Minutes broadcast? Yes please! Tim Jenison explains his insights into Vermeer's technology without extreme time-pressures? Thank you very much! I just want more! Thank you, Leo. Blessings on Petaluma and the Cottage.
Really entertaining and deep
Nice range of technologically related material; entertaining and enlightening. Many thanks.
A rare podcast. Without fail, new and substantive ideas are exchanged on a weekly basis. Truly a show that shouldn't be missed.
If you like thought-provoking discussion with intelligent and insightful people, then listen to this podcast. Even if the talk isn't necessarily tech-related, the conversation is always great and can give a new take on an old problem. Be sure to go back and listen to the back catalog, there are some brilliant people that are definitely worth listening to.
Why aren't the other 50 or so episodes available from this feed?
I listen to/watch many TWiT podcasts, and this is my new favorite. It's three smart people discussing in depth various heady issues. Six stars.
I've been a loyal fan of This Week In Tech (TWIT) for around 6 years now, ever since I discovered it on iTunes while living on assignment in Germany. It provided a little taste of home and kept me current on the trends. I still love to listen to it, but its strength is also it weakness, which is sometimes the interplay between the guests gets a little chaotic, as who is the center of the conversation is always in play. Triangulation solves that by having both Leo and Tom focusing the conversation on that show's guest. The conversation still meanders over new and interesting intellectual terrain, but the added structure keeps thing headed in the right direction. Plus, Leo and Tom are masters at the casual interview. So if you're a fan of TWIT, you should love Triangulation as well. I think it will soon be in competition as the new flagship of the TWIT network...well done!
This netcast offers great insights into wide-ranging issues loosely based on technology. The guests seem to me to be people who think and act on levels far above the rest of us and yet their ideas are still very accessible to all of us. Tom and Leo do a great job of these tag-team interviews. You would think they had been doing this together for years instead of just a little over 10 episodes.
What? A podcast with actual substance?
I listen to several of the twit shows very regularly but triangulation keeps me on the edge of my seat with the greatest curiosity for the entirety of the show! Keep up the great work guys!
Great show and Leo and Tom are great interviewers. 'nuff said.
Triangulation is a new show from two of my favorite technical journalists: Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt. (It was at episode 6 at the time of this writing.) The show’s name comes from its format where the pair interview one well-known, influential and/or very interesting person (or small group representing a single entity). In some cases (for me at least), the person should be well-known, but is not; I did not know of Michael Geist or his efforts until episode 2 of Triangulation. I have always liked the way Leo and Tom did technical interviews on their own shows, but together, they complement each other very well. They manage to put their guests at ease right from the start, which always makes for a more candid show. They often derail themselves from the main conversation to go down some interesting path, but also manage to get back on track (usually). The pace of the podcast is fast, but with these two, I doubt it could be anything else. (Think gerbils on running wheel being fed a steady diet of caffeine pills washed down with espresso.) Their guests are busy people, too, so by necessity, the length of the shows is short: about a half hour to an hour. I much prefer that length to the 2-3 hour behemoths to which some podcasts have grown. So far, the guests are not strictly tech-related or only related in a tangential way, but the caliber of guests has been phenomenal. In episode 5, they talk to Dane Jasper, who, as an east-coast dweller, I’d never heard of. My first minute impression was that the show was only going to be relevant to people in the service area of Jasper’s ISP company. By the end, however, I realized he has an interesting perspective of the history of the Internet in the US and a neat future vision he’d like to see happen. If they can keep this level of quality of guests and conversation they’ve got at least one loyal listener. If there’s one area they need to improve, it’s advertising the show. They really need to get the word out about it. I accidentally ran across it on the web site while looking for information about another Twit show. I’d never heard it mentioned before that (and still haven’t for that matter).
Leo is still rock'n it after all these years. Love this format and great guests
This started out as part of TWiT Live. I (and many others) sent email screaming "More! More!"... ...and here it is. Tom and Leo are a great pairing, bringing insightful interviewing to a great cast of guests. Awesome!
there should be more shows like this with interesting, thought provoking, issues about this digital age. More... please.