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I just listened to the “Aunt Jemima” podcast and was not only entertained, but learned so much about the icon’s history (and black history) that I’d never heard before. The controversy surrounding the image I’d only ever associated with pancake syrup finally makes sense & I agree, it’s time to let her retire, while acknowledging her role in our history and making space for her in a museum. We can’t learn from our past by erasing it... I’ve scrolled through the list of other episodes and am excited to learn more about so many fascinating women throughout history!
I’ve recently begun listening to your podcast and just finished the Jackie Kennedy episodes. I’m 65 years old and well remember my sisters and I following everything Jackie did from when she first came into the national spotlight.We had Jackie Kennedy scrapbooks, read everything we could find about the Kennedys, the usual for young girls. Since that time I have kept up with everything Jackie through her good times and bad, and I was surprised to learn some things from your Podcasts that I had never heard. I thought I knew it all! I love that you provide your bibliographic information for the episodes. Keep up the great work. I also loved the Tudor episodes! Love your collective sense of humor.
Loooooooooove it!! I’ve been binging so hard at work! I love learning something new but it feel so casual and funny! Their banter is great, almost makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with friends rather then sitting through a history class.
This podcast is so endearing, informative, and frankly just super fun to listen to. The hosts really take their time to research historical figures, get to know the women beyond the pages of their biographies, and paint pictures of the humanity and brilliance so many of these woman possess. It also helps that these ladies really have a genuine fun friendship and great rapport with one another. I cannot recommend this enough.
I did a report on Anne Hutchinson in school and I found her very interesting. I think you guys should do an episode about her.
Just finished yr excellent podcast on Maggie Brown. U mentioned the Titanic Belfast. We were there May 2018 and it is an excellent museum. It overlooks the shipyard where the Titanic was build and inside has pictures of the build as well as examples of the staterooms and different areas of the ship I would absolutely recommend visiting, it gives you such an understanding of the ship, the times and the people
I love that I can listen to the episodes with my kids! Even if they are not listening, I know I am not going to have any surprises to quickly turn off. My daughter comes to me to ask which episodes she should listen to on her own. I LOVE that! Dates in history are what always tripped me up in school. I like learning the story without feeling like there will be a quiz later. It is so much more interesting this way! Thanks for allowing me to continue my education without the stress!
I like listening to this and learning about women, but I have heard a few things that I know to be wrong. For example, I just listened to Margaret Brown. It is claimed that Colorado was the first state to allow women to vote because it happened while Wyoming was still a territory. That is untrue. Wyoming was a state in 1890, and Colorado allowed women to vote as of 1893. This means that Wyoming, as a STATE not a territory, was the first to allow women to vote. I have lived in both places and find modern day Colorado much more open minded toward women than modern day Wyoming, but I am willing to give Wyoming credit where it is due. One person that I hope you could add to your list is Nellie Ross. The first female governor of any state in the union; that state being Wyoming.
I’m a person who has to start at the very beginning of a podcast and binge listen to present. I didn’t think I could suffer through the audio quality at the beginning, but I cut them a break because they’ve been podcasting FOR YEARS! It’s not their fault the audio quality stunk in the early 2010’s. I’m glad I did! I love this podcast now! I’ve been listening every spare second I have for 2 weeks! If you love history and a good story, check this ladies out!
I found you all just over a year ago and I thoroughly enjoy you! I listen while traveling, while mowing (5 acres), and while gardening. As a self-proclaimed trivia nerd, thanks for adding to my jeopardy prowess!!
I love how you dived into Harriet’s life and even stating her quotes. Thank you
I recently discovered this podcast out of boredom in quarantine, however I was quickly hooked. It feels amazing to exercise my brain with something new. Susan and Beckett have an addictive enthusiasm to the stories of women in history. It’s amazing to hear the stories of important women in a truthful light. I highly recommend this podcast. Even my young daughters a fascinated with these great stories.
Thank you so much for introducing me to this powerful lady! I am so glad you two are helping to bring Fannie Lou Hamer some well deserved recognition. You guys are wonderful!
Thank you Susan & Beckett! I’d never heard of this phenomenal woman until this podcast.
I love your podcast and I would love if you guys would talk about Violet Jessop. She was a women who survived the Titanic, the Britannic, and the Olympic distasters.
Listened as long as I Could! Love history and these gals do their homework; however when the audio is so so off and one of them sounds like she is speaking from a friggin closet I wonder why. Therefore I deleted this podcast "sorry to say " As Beckett always says!
An episode of History Chicks feels like sitting down to coffee with two of your (smartest) friends. They are engaging, and lay out the story of each woman with great historical context. I recommend it to real-life friends all the time.
Ive been listening to you ladies for years and i’ve learned so much, i’ve always been interested in history and of course WOMEN being one! so to learn about all these influential ladies of time by Two influential ladies themselves 😌💯 Is a TRUE JOY :) Whether i be washing the dishes, nodding off to sleep - I have a variety to listen to and never get tired of it! Thank you ladies for your hard work work, taking the time to get the facts right and research for this podcast and more importantly being yourselves and being fun and authentic, it shows !!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 One ot my favorites for sure ! NOT your history snooze 😴 fest one bit !
Im a kid but I LOVE these podcasts there so much fun! And informative! I listen to like 2 of their podcasts a day I’m obsessed!! But yeah if you’re just looking for a nice podcast this is it!
Hands down my favorite podcast. My favorite episodes are Jackie Kennedy, Josephine Baker, and Lucille Ball. Each subject is impeccably researched and entertaining.
I’ve been gobbling these up after stumbling on the one about Victoria Woodhull. They’re well researched, well presented, and fun to listen to.
Omg now that I’m walking 500 miles a day I’m soooo happy to have found these podcasts! I’m a total girly history buff and these episodes are great! Thank you for the entertainment!!
one of the hosts is christian and the other is not! i don’t think the non religious host is very respectful to the christian host. (im not religious myself btw) also one woman has a GREAT mic and the other is bad quality. also if you’re revisiting a person for an episode - maybe you could add a little to it? otherwise it’s not a revisit just a reupload. please feature more women of color! :) otherwise - i enjoy the podcast from time to time. one of my fav history podcasts because the hosts and ALWAYS enthusiastic
Amazing and informative! Subtle girl power fun!
Always such a blast to learn about women in history, some you’ve heard of but many you haven’t. Really appreciate the fun, conversational style, this is one of my favorite shows.
My all time favorite podcast!!! Such a perfect blend of information and conversation. Have been listening for the last 4 years, and I am never disappointed! I’m so glad that Beckett felt the need to start this so many years ago & that Susan agreed and joined her!! Thanks for all you do, chicks!
You girls are amazing! I only started listening about a year ago, and I love it my favorite episode has been your first episode Marie Antionette, and Lizzie Borden. One chick I have to recommend is Shirley Temple ( I’m sure she is already on your list)but she was in great movies, my favorite is probably “Bright eyes” thanks for the great podcasts! Keep up the good work!
I spend hours piecing quilts and machine quilting them while listening to podcasts. Your podcast is by far my favorite. I love learning about these chicks. Some I’ve heard of some I haven’t. The way you tell their stories keeps it interesting. The back and forth with each other is great. Some references to the present time help make it relevant. I am now going back and listening to them all again. Love them all. Thank you Susan and Beckett for bring knowledge and pleasure to my day.
I’m a 12 year old girl with a shared phone, a hunger for history, acting, and fun. This is the PERFECT PODCAST FOR ME. I only wish I was older so I could comfortably listen to Dorothy Parker and Clara Bow without checking with my parents. But every time you guys say, “It’s simply not done!” Or, “They’re not our kind, dear.” Or, “Things one doesn’t discuss in polite company,” Or “Place the back of one’s hand on one’s forehead!” I crack up and really place my hand on my forehead. I’m listening to Mary Todd Lincoln part two, but in part one I almost died when you were talking about the duel Abe Lincoln avoided and you said, “If he hadn’t, Mount Rushmore night have looked very different!” I’m rooting for you guys so much during this quarantine. Your podcast helps me laugh and keep going, and what you’re doing means so to me, and you guys really are my heroes, getting the history out to the world I love you guys. - Sophia DiPippo
I love this podcast- it’s well researched, enjoyable to listen to, and full of historical stories I’ve never heard. Even turned my mom onto it. It’s a great listen while cooking or gardening when you just need something to keep your brain entertained 💜
I enjoy the History Chicks podcast so much! The hosts are thoughtful, gracious and insightful. They share resources for further research, and the stories of these strong women make me feel empowered as well. I have spent hours of the quarantine feeling less alone with Susan and Beckett. Thank you!
This is by far my favorite podcast. I really enjoy listening when I am at work. Keep up the great job Beckett and Susan.
I LOVE the History Chicks! They do such a good job with research, and I like how they point out the good and the bad of some of these “chicks.” It makes them feel real. It’s way more personal that reading about them in a history book. I also like how they warn you if there is going to be some PG-13 material in the episode.
Ha. I'm sure Hypatia did not teach Nicene Creed. Read some Bart Erhrman or Cynthia Nixey if you want to know history of Christianity.
These gals do such a great job! You will NOT be bored. My only small criticism is that Becket sometimes dismisses her co- host Susan’s opinion. Be like your subjects Susan, stand your ground.
Since I was caught up on all the current podcasts, I started on the older episodes. Wow I can’t pick a favorite, but who doesn’t LOVE Lucy!!! All are great, gripping accounts of women’s history. These 2 have an entertaining way to give us a history lesson! Thanks satellite Sisters for the recommendation!!!
I just started listening to this podcast and hearing background noise is very distracting I listen to a lot of podcasts and never hear background noise. (like mouse traps and leaf blowers) the sound quality is just bad and because I’m listening to this sound is pretty darn important.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MY MORE EPISODES!!!!! Love your podcast!!!!!!❤️
I love this so much. Been a fan and been involved since the beginning of the show.


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Thank you for update. Looking forward to the next episode.
Most episodes are well researched, however.
Love this podcast! Typically I listen while working. They do a great job giving a general overview of a specific individual. Keep popping the person into history to give context! Big names are featured and even those I was not as familiar with. Although, I could use more Susan in the episodes. Less “Mama” and “Papa” would be great.
I love this podcast, I’ve been listening for years. They do an amazing job of telling the life story of incredible women in history. You can tell they really do their research and are properly prepared. I always feel like I’ve learned something while being entertained. So many amazing women throughout time that deserve a spotlight, thank you history chicks for your show!
This podcast is the first podcast I listened to a few years ago and it is still one of my favorites. Susan and Beckett do an awesome job researching and storytelling, they make history interesting and bring the story to life. I listen on my way to and from work and the ladies make my half hour drive go by so quickly.
I love the rapport of the hosts. It's just enough history for me--detailed without being overwhelming. I know if I want more, I can investigate all the links and book recommendations included in the show notes. Many thanks for the research and time you two put in!
They do such a good job of making the people they cover relatable and interesting, and humanizing them. They also have a great breadth of knowledge on all aspects of the people’s lives - wonderful content❤️
I love everything about this show and what it stands for. The only thing that bothers me or should I say makes me feel uncomfortable is the condescending tone Beckett has with Susan. It make me cringe. It’s really uncomfortable for the listeners. Other than that this is an awesome Podcast! It’s my Favorite!
Unless you’re listening to an episode featuring women of color. Then it starts to sound very white. It’s great that they try to be diverse, but it’s hard not to scream when they make comments like... was Dolley Madison sporting head wraps that poor, women of color made fashionable cultural appropriation? Yes. That’s exactly what it is. Stop rolling your eyes.
I love this podcast because the ladies really do all their research on the important ladies in history.