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Love this show. It’s quirky, funny, interesting, loaded with facts... I could go on. Fav episodes thus far: Pocahontas, Elizabeth Báthory, Lizzie B. Thank you History Chicks for producing this gem!
Good information. Painful to listen to.
I’ve binged over 30 hours of this podcast while remodeling my bathroom, DIY style. I am now a devoted fan. Girl power is the vibe, and the Chicks deliver female-focused history with lots of humor. Start from the beginning, and don’t skip any of them, even if you’ve never heard of the subject. It’s really cool to hear about “Netflix DVDs” and other defunct technology, as the first episode aired in 2011. Sound quality improves over the years too. I LOVE THE HISTORY CHICKS!
My only complaint is that I didn’t find them sooner!
Love how this podcast focuses on women in history. My favorite to listen to at bed time.
Everything you wished you learned in school! These ladies are amazing!
So glad I was recommended The History Chicks by my friend. I’m absolutely in love and listen all the time while working. Keep up the excellent work!!
I love the content. But sometimes I get annoyed with Beckett only because I feel she’s condescending to Susan. I think that Susan is intelligent but she plays it down because of Beckett. Regardless the content is great and I’m impressed by the amount of work they both invest into the show. Good references and these women are great at disseminating their research via social media.
I am so happy I found the Chicks!! I can’t wait for new episodes!
Just found History Chicks a few days ago and absolutely love them. I’ve already listened to numerous episodes. Really like how they give recommendations of various types of media for additional information for each episode. I can see I will utilize this to check out books, watch movies, or look up things online.
Nice content but the audio quality is bad. As someone else mentioned, it sounds like it’s being recorded over the phone. It’s echoey and distant. I find it distracting to an otherwise good podcast.
These girls know their stuff!! I was looking for a podcast to fill my drives to work and I definitely found a winner with this podcast! Everyday I start and end my work day by learning something new! I love learning about all of these different types of women from all different walks of life, and it doesn’t hurt that Beckett & Susan make each ladys life story fun & interesting. For even some of the women whom I thought I knew everything about I still learn things about each of them!! Love this podcast!
I just barely started listening to this podcast and have loved the 3 that I’ve listened to! I just finished the Julia Child episode and want to tell all my friends to listen to it, it’s so fun and informational! Highly recommend this podcast!
I Listen to this podcast all the time when I am in my cubical at work. I have listened to all of the episodes and have relistened to many of them while I wait for the next podcast episode to be released. i love the focus on women. I have tried listening to other podcast on history and none of the others have made history so relatable and interesting as these ladies. Sometime i almost wish they would do another podcast on the rosters (men) because i havent been able to find a podcast about men of history that i like yet. I would love to hear more podcasts on queens and princesses, I always find their lives and that era so fascinating. I would also love to hear a pod cast on betty white because she has been through so many decades of history and had contact with so many other historic figures.
I love the content and the personality, but I do wish the discussion between the two hosts were more balanced. Beckett will frequently go on a very long run only to be interjected here and there with a “hmm” or “yes, definitely,” or “I agree” from Susan. I have been binging this podcast for the last few months and have to say that the sound quality has gotten better- thank you for that. I do love all the HP references!


Lately there has been an echo and for this reason I no longer subscribe to the show.
So, if you’re looking for some really good research based shows then this is the one for you. Most people have pointed out the Mic issue on one of the hosts and i agree. It kind of sounds like she’s on a phone being recorded. Once you get used to it, it’s not awful. The next thing is...they tend to make some insensitive cultural jokes. They probably don’t notice it, but episodes regarding WOC they tend to make “jokes”...i know for many you won’t consider this an issue but, the hosts are two white women and i just feel like...why aren’t these “quips and jokes” said on episodes covering white women? Many times when they refer to a character as beautiful they’ll say “she had fair skin and light eyes, she was beautiful!” Etc. Another time they made a joke on the Frida episode like a few minutes in, and it’s just like ...why? So just some food for thought, it makes me feel a little guilty listening because I can’t seem to understand why the jokes are being said, maybe a bit more cultural sensitivity would be better.
I always know when a new episode is up that I am going to enjoy the subject matter and the content of the episode. Love their passion!
As good as the content may be - these chicks are so silly and giggly - I can't listen to even one episode!
I am at a computer all day at work and so I am always looking for podcast and audio books to listen to. The History Chicks is one of my favorites. I have learned so much and have become a history nerd now. They make it fun to listen to. I am so glad I found you Ladies!
I enjoy listening to these women talk about each of their historical subjects. They throughly research and cite their work. All in all a great podcast to listen to when I don’t have anything else to listen to. My only dislike is the amount of modern bias thrown at their subjects. With every new part of their subjects lives, there is a comment comparing them to our societal standards. Different times ladies! You cannot judge your subjects the way you do with your modern lens.
I’m late to this party of a podcast but I’m a true History Chick devotee now! I love listening to this podcast to and from work. It is enlightening and presented in a hilarious, informal manner that I adore. Keep up the stellar work!!
I was never into podcasts until I found this one!! It is seriously amazing and you learn so much from these ladies!! They make history interesting and fun! They tell the stories of powerful inspiring women in history in an engaging and entertaining way! I am never board listening to them! I am a big fan! I have been binge listening for 2 months now! I have told everyone I know to listen to the history chicks! I had to leave a review!
This is one of my very favorite podcasts! I have learned so much about strong, amazing, some famous and some never heard of before women. Thank you for all your hard work, researching these women and sharing your resources. I listen to Audible while I work and have listened to many of the books you recommend. I always look forward to your podcasts!
I really love listening to each episode of the History Chicks. Susan and Beckett are terrific storytellers and are so enjoyable to listen to. They do a very in depth analysis of each person they profile. Their style is conversational and it feels like you are listening in on two people chatting at a coffeehouse. Really fun and I highly recommend The History Chicks. Fan since 2011!
I love this podcast: it’s smart, informative, entertaining, and well-researched. BUT the audio quality is awful. Please, ladies, record this in a studio or at least upgrade to professional microphones and recording equipment. The tin-can quality of the sound is off-putting.
I have been listening to history chicks since 2013! I binged the first two seasons and couldn’t get enough! I still can’t. I never miss an episode and I absolutely love and appreciate Beckett and Susan! One thing I’ve appreciated over the years are the little tidbits we’ve learned about their personal lives, about their kids, or husbands or lives. You hear these voices for years and years and it’s cool to get to know them a bit in this limited way. They do an enormous amount of research on each Chick and it’s all for our benefit for FREE! Just wow. I adore this show and re-listen to episodes all the time. Thank you guys. So so much!
Just more please. More women of history.
I cannot get enough of this podcast. So good! Thanks chicks!
I’m a huge history nerd, it comes naturally because my dad and grandpa are also. I randomly stumbled on this podcast a couple years ago. I listened to the entire back catalog and I love how it’s developed over the years! The reason I did that is because I hate feeling out of the loop so now I know what you’re talking about when there is a reference from a previous episode! I envy your ability to put the life of someone together so concisely. I’ve found myself using tidbits of info I gleaned from your podcast in life and people look at me like “how could you possibly know that?” But I always give credit where credit is due because I’m sure it’s tons and tons of research!! Great job ladies, hope this continues for a long time to come!
This podcast brings me so much joy through how the ladies provide an amazing amount of knowledge on each episode. They shed so much light on the amazing women that have come before us. I am so thankful for the amount of work and research that goes into each episode. Do yourself a massive favor and subscribe! Thank you so much for creating such a fabulous podcast!!
You ladies rock! I listen to several shows a day! Keep up the great work how about a show about the Late Great Gloria Vanderbilt...her life was so amazing in good and sad ways... She was the last of the Vanderbilt women. Truly the end of an era, I think. I bet you could make two episodes out of her life!
It is very hard to listen about slavery and have jokes made during the Harriet Tubman show.
I love this podcast, my all time favorite. Its historical, sassy (at times) and more!
Ok I LOVE this podcast. It’s entertaining and makes learning fun. However, the audio is SO bad. For a podcast that’s been on for years, you’d think they’d have better sound. It sounds like they are talking through a phone and not a good microphone.
This show is incredible! I always learn something new about figures I thought I was familiar with and it’s always entertaining. I love the drop into history feature and the storyline telling of events. I really just wish you would fix your audio, it can be very hard to hear sometimes, but totally worth the struggle!


Love you girls!!! Please please please fix your audio! 😬
I listen to a lot of history podcasts and while I enjoy many of them, there seems to be a tendency to come off as just a litany of people’s names and dates. What I really like about the History Chicks is their ability to convey a lot of detailed information in way that ties it all together into a story. I also enjoy their “drop into history” at the beginning of each episode so that there is some context for what is going on during the time period and who some representative contemporaries are. I have learned so much even about subjects I thought I knew.
I can’t get enough. Entertaining and educational, these ladies to an excellent job of bringing history to life. I especially enjoy how they end with their reference materials. My fav podcast.
I looooooove this podcast. My mom listens to it t work, and it is SUPER clean! I especially love the episode about Joan of Ark
I am working on listing to all the episodes out. I especially like the episode on Marie Antoinette. This keeps me entertained at work and makes the day go by faster. So glad I found this podcast.
So, I’m only halfway through the latest episode ( Joan Of Arc) and as someone who loves history I was excited to find this podcast but I’m kinda on the fence at this point . I love how much the ladies go into detail and that episodes seem to be around an hour or over but the audio quality is pretty bad. It sounds like they are in a tunnel and far away from their mics. Also, they talk so fast which I wouldn’t normally mind but they slip in so many off topic comments / inside jokes that it’s hard to tell what’s going on sometimes with the fast talking. I’m definitely going to give a couple more episodes a listen because I’ve been searching for a history podcast that centers around women. Another thing is that I was not into the little 30 sec history recap that seemed to be done with children?? Anyway, I think this podcast has potential but they should tighten it up.
Ladies, you put so much effort into your content and I love that. Please invest in your sound quality!!!! What good does all that research do if the audience can’t even understand what you’re saying? Thanks for making history so interesting!
I really love this podcast! It is my go to podcast to listen to at work. All the research and hard work really shows in each of the episodes!
This is my favorite podcast when I am driving long distance. These gals know how to entertain their listeners through well researched amazing narratives about important historical figures. Like all high level professionals, they don’t take themselves too seriously. But beneath their laughter and light hearted comments, you will recognize their love for the subject, their literary knowledge and passion, and their thoughtful research process. Thank you for doing the hard work and leaving us with the fun!
I love this podcast, I’m a total history nerd and this is not only informative but very entertaining to listen to! Probably the most entertaining history podcast I’ve ever heard. Susan and Becket are the best!


I’ve told soooo many friends and family members about this podcast! I’ve learned so much about history that I never would have learned in school! Thank you, Beckett and Susan, for all your hard work, the laughs, tears and shock of some of the facts about these women! You ladies ROCK!
Love the overview and lighthearted approach to history. I appreciate all the research they do and follow up suggestions they put in their notes.
i love this! i love random history stuff. idk if the history chicks take suggestions but if so i recommend hedy lamarr (also from the barbie episode, the scene mentioned at the very end with the life sized barbie box is from the disney tv show jessie with peyton list as the barbie :)