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I'm so thankful for the day my friend, Monica Gray, asked me if I wanted to try a sample. This was last year in June and since then, I have never missed a day! I used to suffer horribly from IBS and (not to give TMI) not be able to use the bathroom for sometimes weeks on end, horrible stomach aches, ect. Since starting Shakeology, my IBS is gone! I feel so much lighter, more energetic, and for someone who's a self-proclaimed natural-foods foodie, I only trust Shakeology as a meal replacement shake. If you are on the fence, just try it! You won't be sorry! I will start posting videos of my favorite recipes on my page, so please subscribe! :)
Shakeology is a great product! Watching these testimonials from doctors really shows the positive aspects of the product. I have been drinking it for about 6 months now and feel great. I recommend it to EVERYONE and want to help "End the Trend" of obesity. I hope they get more videos from Beachbody available on the Podcast!
Excellent, drink it every day!! OneFitDoc
Our whole family LOVES Shakeology and we will never give it up! I love knowing I'm sending my daughter to school already having had the healthiest meal of her day--ready to take on her day! And for those who have trouble getting a healthy breakfast, there is nothing easier than whipping up a shake to take in the car. Shakeology gives you Energy, Mental Clarity, Protein, Curbs Cravings, lowers Cholesterol and TASTES AWESOME!


I love has turned my life around!