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Great cast who really understands the comic book industry. Highly recommend.
The host Eric does an excellent job covering comics and has a solid knowledge of DC comic historty. What I enjoy most is learning something new about DC comics listening the show!
Always great to hear the thoughts and views of someone who engages with the comic book community. Eric has a love of comics that is obvious in the tone and vigor of his voice.
Just started listening in the last couple of months and I love the passion this podcast shows for the medium of comics. I really like the positivity and great discussion about the ongoing stories in Marvel, DC, and independent comics. It's refreshing and adds to my enjoyment of the series I'm already reading and gets me to try new series
There are a lot of comic book related podcasts out there but Eric of Longbox Review single handedly (with the aid of periodic guests here and there) provides insightful and thoughtful commentary on the world of comics in a unique way. It’s as if you are sitting across from him at a table having lunch during a comic/pop culture convention. If you are even remotely interested in the world of sequential art, you must make Longbox Review part of your podcast listening regimen.
Longbox Review is an insightful podcast into the world of comics. If you're looking for someone who actually talks about comic books , then let Eric Issacson and Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast be your guide.
I really enjoy this podcast as well as his blog. He writes reviews from the same POV as I would as we have similar taste in books. I like that he explains what he likes and why as well as books that may have run the course. I hope this continues on and other people can enjoy it as well.
Smart. Well thought out... He obviously knows his stuff and loves his books. Nice lack of snark.
The show is highly entertaining and a true joy to listen to. Eric always has a very interesting perspective on comics and life. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
I am not partial to the big 2 I'm kind of a indie guy. This podcast is all about DC and the stories of the new 52. I tried to read some DC tittles and I do not enjoy it. I listen to his Marvel Now reviews and he just laugh at some of its tittles and story lines. So I read Marvel Now to get my take on it and Iove it! I think this guy grew up reading DC and does not realize its not good. So this podcast is not for me.
Great podcast that is very honest and isnt trying to shove all the main stream comics down your throat! Very honest and open, and I always know what the thoughts are regarding comics and upcoming books in the previews. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Keep up the great work! Wish comicbook was in your title so it would pull up in the iTunes search easier for others to find this amazing podcast!