Vox Church - Lead Pastor Justin Kendrick

Reviews For Vox Church - Lead Pastor Justin Kendrick

If you are looking to make a connection with God then you have come to the right place. Justin truly has a gift and the Lord speaks through him in a way everyone can understand and appreciate, never forcing you to feel like a sinner but like the human that you are in need of that nudge in the right direction. I came to city church years ago after turning from God when my grandmother died from a 1 in a billion illness. Thanks to Justin I found my faith and listen to the podcasts when I can’t make it to New Haven.
these messages are challenging & teach me something new every time i listen. they help my relationship with God to grow and go deeper!
How does one get close to God? Listen to find out.
Listened to the first 2 min of "Matchless Part 5" - 1:04 "I want to unpack for you some of the unction behind what's going on here" hahahaha
I would highly recommend this podcast. I'm consistently challenged and encouraged in my walk with the Lord through these teachings. I often listen to these at the gym!!
Wow. The normal series was life changing. It was super engaging and challenging. Learning the characteristics of the early church from Acts challenged my personal walk with God. I recommend this to everyone!!