Triangulation (Video HI)

Reviews For Triangulation (Video HI)

Some of the best interviews anywhere, in any category. The sessions are so rich in content, I have to ration them out, like Bon-bons. Leo is the perfect host.
Leo does a great job getting great, interesting, thought provoking personalities to interview. I just recently became a subscriber and look forward each podcast.
Leo and Tom, I love the show! So far I must say Iam a huge Jeri Ellsworth fan. I was very pleased to see her story come alive on the TWiT network! I look forward to more Jeri and hope you can get her working for TWiT soon. This geek network needs a show that requires a hot soldering iron! more recently I was very pleased to hear the Bob Heil story! I have been a fan of Bobs work for many years. I loved hearing him tell his story and show his love for Amateur Radio throughout it all! I hope Bob may become involved in the construction of the new TWiT studios and your production quality may continue as nothing less than perfect. 73 de Seth W8FG
Such a phenomenal show. One of my favorites on the network, I just wish they came out more often!
Leo and Tom are interviewing the top people in the tech field, people who are interesting and insightful. The expertise of the 2 hosts comes through in the intelligent discussions. Fans of the other TWiT productions will be sure to enjoy this new show and if you are not familiar with Leo Laporte or Tom Merritt, this is a great introduction to the "This Week In Tech" family of video and audio podcasts.
Talking tech with techie people in the industry