Genesis 2011

Reviews For Genesis 2011

Stephen Goes in depth into every single verse in Genesis to expose the profundity and Sovereignty of God and what He is trying to teach us with every single verse. It is a fantastic way to become knowledgeable of the depth of Genesis and also an amazing way to grow in faith and understanding God‘s character. Stephen points out pictures of things in the New Testament to show that the God of the Old Testament is very much the same as the God of the New Testament. This is a must listen to anyone who is serious about growing in their faith and serious about knowing God more. This is a foundational study to the rest of your life.
Steve is an amazing teacher and gives the best bible teaching. Has a great insight in to Gods word.
I Steve teaches it, I will listen to it. He adds indepth information to his classes because he is a gifted teacher, thanks to God.
Tremendously insightful and life changing teaching.
Evelyn Wichita, KS. This teacher is diligent in his study of God's Word. I am willing to send money to communicate with this ministry financially because I am growing spiritually and learning how to walk in a manner pleasing to God. Please listen to the messages with an open mind ready and willing to listen to what the Spirit of God has to say. Be blessed.

By rh
Stephen Armstrong always makes me really think.