Reviews For Gobbledygeek

I love listening to AJ and Paul's opinions on my favorite geekdoms. The only thing keeping this from being FIVE stars is AJ's audio. His "s" sounds are incredibly piercing (mic sensitivity?) and sharp. Normally things like that don't bother me but this is almost interfering with my listening experience. So 5/5 stars for content and 4/5 for audio.
Paul has a warrior's soul and AJ has a scholar's wit. Together, they are the best combo since the marriage of pretzels and cheese that resulted in the Combos cracker snack. They both have extremely clean feet. The show is funny and smart. They treat their guests like pretty princesses. Gobbledygeek is the Mom-hug of podcasts.
Opinionated, funny, and Paul & AJ have a great rapport. A quintessential listen.
Paul & AJ are two of the geekiest people I've ever heard talk about geeky things, and one can tell from listening regularly just how much they NEED this outlet to talk about the nerdy things that have been on their mind that week….and it's awesome. The difference in perspective makes for healthy debate and conversation, as they are not constantly in complete agreement with one another, something that makes some geek-talk grow old fast. I even find myself interested in things that I wouldn't have been otherwise. I tune in to hear them talk about movies and tv, and I end it with not only the satisfaction of relating to others like me, but also a knowledge of what's going on in the world of comic books/other things. I am greatly surprised by how quickly I became addicted to the gobblers, to say the least. I'm a subscriber from here on out.