10 O?Clock Live

Reviews For 10 O?Clock Live

This show is quite amazing and is one of my favorite things on TV right now. Unfortunately, the podcast seems to be missing Charlie Brooker's brilliant and hilarious commentaries. Oh, well. At least the "Listen to Mitchell" segments seem to have made the cut!
i live in the states (oregon) and i find this show to be very well put together. the commentaries are on point and the writing is brilliant. to me its right up there with the daily show and colbert report, if not alittle ahead of them given the content and length of the show. there are no softball questions here, just brilliant comics doing what they do best bringing common sense to the media soaked masses. its where common sense makes a stand point.
Its about time Channel 4 spawned another political sataire show. The last one that was of any relevance was the 11 o clock show which gave birth to Ali G and little known comedian Ricky Gervais. A real winner.