Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas

Reviews For Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas

Thank you, Gene, for putting our culture, character and community in context.
Gene's personality shines through and his love of Atlanta is evident in this extremely informative radio show. I highly recommend it to anyone with a love of culture. Keep it up Gene!
Sidewalk Radio: It's not just a radio show; it's an adventure.
A great way to connect with the cultural splendor of Atlanta, Sidewalk Radio bubbles up some of the creative movers and shakers in the city. A wonderful local asset, and part of what will help Atlanta's profile rise nationally.
Brilliant meeting of real estate and the arts. Well done!
I love listening to this show because it brings the history and culture of our dear Atlanta to life in an accessible way. I always learn something, I always laugh, and I am always guided to think about an issue or place in Atlanta in a new way. It also helps that Gene Kansas is a charming, charismatic host - I think I could listen to him read the phone book.
In just a few short years Sidewalk Radio, led by the very knowledgeable and personable Gene Kansas, is a 'must listen to' show if you want to be up-to-speed with all the cool things happening in Atlanta. I highly recommend it.
Having grown up in Atlanta, it's amazing how little I knew about the history and culture of our city. Sidewalk Radio has made my regular agenda for entertainment. Further, I find it to be an invaluable resource for history, art, culture, trends, and business - past, present, and future. Highly recommended for any Atlantan present or elsewhere, or anyone interested in the culture of The South.
There are very few shows that bring the elements art, architecture, design, development and history together like Sidewalk Radio. Kansas' knowledge and passion for the city come through in his interviews. The guests are experts in their field and provide unique insights to various aspects of Atlanta. Whether you've lived in Atlanta your whole life or are new to the city, you will learn things about the city that you never knew and will look at the landscape you pass everyday through a different lens. For first time listeners, I recommend Atlanta Drinks, The Clermont Hotel and Peachtree Street to get you started. Trust me…you'll be hooked!
Sidewalk Radio is a great monthly show that takes listeners through the history and diversity of the arts in Atlanta. Every show focuses on a different section of Atlanta and features guests who describe their own connection with the part of the city. The show focuses on art, design, culture, and preservation of the great history of arts. The variety of speakers and their personal experiences with the city make the show unique and relocatable to people. The places that are chosen for the show are fascinating and the background on these places is very informative. Atlanta is presented in a completely unique way through the show, and I'm ready to go out and explore some of the places mentioned.
This show does a nice job of exploring parts of atlanta with some knowledgable people. They often take a creative approach with whom they interview. The show would improve with some live sound, not just studio interviews, and if it was more than just once a month. That aside it does a nice job. Still waiting on their show about local breweries….