Thor's Hour of Thunder

Reviews For Thor's Hour of Thunder

This show is the confluence of silly and weird. The pantheon of co-hosts have a good rapport with one another and genuinely seem to have fun talking to each other about movies, TV, pop culture and threat own lives.
When this podcast left my house, all that was left in my fridge was a very drunk dog, whom I was later informed was named Spuds MacKenzie.
Truly a hidden gem in the podcast universe. Every episode is a winner and it just keeps getting better. Combines current, retro and obscure pop culture topics in an extremely off the cuff style.
A fun mix of talk about movies, comic books, 80's and 90's pop culture, they had a fun episode about retro McDonald's Toys back in episode 108
A fun podcast, talks primarily about movies, especially super hero, Sci Fi, and Horror movies. Also dicusses other geek culture things such as comic books, the X files, Doctor who, and they occationally discuss pop culture, both past and present.
It discusses mostly geeky pop culture things and trivia. Doctor Who, X-Files, Godzilla, Hellboy, that sort of thing. it is pretty fun.