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I've listened to pretty much everything Roberto has put out. Really enjoy listening when I'm doing things around the house or tooling around town. Hope they do another show together in the future.
Amazing breakdowns of the episodes, and 2, shall I say "friends?", that I could rejoice and commiserate with after each episode. Thanks for allowing us to share this ride with you guys, and please find another show (like this one)to take the Jupitor's Rooster Eagle Standard too.
I wish i found this podcast earlier during the shows run. Its a terrific discussion on the most awesome show Spartacus.
Very nice to hear an intelligent commentary for a change..... MUCH better than the other Spartacus commentaries available on iTunes.
Great podcast. top notch. You guys are on par with the equally awesome Once podcast for the show Once Upon a Time. That said, a couple of things that could make this a 5 star, for me, and these are easy ones.... 1. I LOVE the way you intrigrate audio clips from the episode into the podcast. The only problem is that the volume doesn't match. Volume on the inserted clips is always much lower than when you speak... I find myself adjusting volume every time a clip begins/ends. 2. I love the "album art" on this page. I wonder why you do not embed it in the podcasts. When i play the podcast i get the generic "no album art" logo. I would love it you would take a second and imbed album art in the episodes. Other than those 2 very minor querks you are doing a great job, keep up the good work.
I really appreciate the podcasts you guys produce. Great stuff! Would love for you guys to review a few movies like 300 or Gladiator (Just an idea). Thank you.
Long time listener first time reviewer and your podcast deserves all five stars. I enjoy the watching the Spartacus series but it is even better when I can re-live the moments with your analysis and candor. Looking forward to next season and yes Roberto's voice does sound like Asher.
Love the show guys! Onward to Rome!!!!!
Hey guys thank you for a great season. I have enjoyed listening to this podcast for the last several weeks. It is a great podcast with really solid analyses and commentary.I look forward to the next season of Spartacus and Jupiter's Rooster.


Great podcast. I listen to a few podcast for other shows. You two have the best combination of recap & observations. Your comments are thought provoking and insightful. I will miss listening to this now that the season is almost done. Why, why, Mira! Not fair she was my favorite & I don' t think Spartacus fully appreciated or deserved her. Thanks for the best podcast.
Great podcast.... Love the kids in the background ! Season 3 is weakest so far but still worth watching! I even bought the Blu-Ray for season 1 and prequel.
Jupiters Rooster is the first "Fan Podcast" I ever listened too though I am a voracious consumer of podcasts in general. Spartacus is one of my guilty pleasures though I have been unable to share it with my friends leaving me alone to muse about a show I have been measuring time in from one episode to the next. I sought out JR to fill a need for conservation about the show. Fans of the show should love this for a thoughtful and entertaining condiment to enhance Spartacus. Gratitude
If you are a fan of the Starz series Spartacus, then this podcast is highly recommended. The recaps are very well done, the audio clips add an extra flavor, and the banter between John and Roberto is very entertaining. I can tell that these two are real fans of the show, and their passion for it make this a must-listen for any Spartacus fan. Keep up the fantastic work, gentlemen.
I look forward to listening each week. Roberto and John's true enjoyment of the series shows through their podcast. I was turned on the podcast through a recommendation by Robin Pierson - The TV Critic. I look forward to the new upcoming Game of Thrones podcast with Robin. The bottom line with regards to "Jupiter's Rooster" - it is fun. Gratitude!
Just found your podcast a few weeks ago and finally found the time ot write a review. This is one of my favorite new podcast about a great show. I love your opinions and predictions. I have enjoyed the show so far and can't wait to listen to you guys. Keep podcasting!!! :D
I have been really enjoying the podcast, but the last few episodes have been very nitpicky. Especially episode 2.8. The recap was like a list of complaints. Everything was too predictable, or not believable, or too whatever Or how the scene would've been better. Lighten up guys.
Fantastic podcast narrated by the Beast of Beaverton and Titan of Tualatin. Roberto's recaps are performed in his sweet-as-ambrosia voice, and John's quips add delightful flavor. I enjoyed listening to the Gods of the Arena prequel, where one had already seen Blood and Sand, and one had not. Their different insights gave me pause and caused reflection. There is a plurality of ways in which Spartacus titillates, amusingly recounted in the "Lay of the Week" segment, with "Kill of the Week" chosen because of importance to the story or good ole fashioned gruesomeness (yum…I love my cup of tea with a slice of brain in the morning). The clips of the show are much appreciated, so lines are not merely recited by the hosts. Podcast is well received, indeed.
I just came across this podcast this week. And I am now hooked on it. I will be listening to these guys after each episode so long as they make their show. Thanks for all the great insights into the show. It’s fun listening to all the opinions and analysis of the show.
Excellent Podcast for this Great Show. I always enjoy the fun banter between the two co-hosts as they recap and review Spartacus.
Thank you guys both for taking the time to do this podcast. Even though I just started listening this season, I am already looking forward to rewatching the previous Spartacus Seasons then listening to your podcast after. I told my wife about this show and she wants to listen with me as well. Love the "Lay of the Week" and the "Kill of the Week".. One Suggestion? "Line of the Week?" I definately thought when Onamaeous was "rescued" and he looked up and said "YOU" it was very subtle yet worth note. That would have been my vote for that episode. Keep up the good work.... and may there always be wine, water and women in your Ludus! Thanks again! Joe
A podcast of 2 fans made for all fans of the hit cable tv series SPARTACUS ! With top notch production values of audio clips from the show for episode highlights and analysis, fun award segments, and thoughtful contributions from listeners of the show. Not to be missed if you are already a fan of the show!
Great podcast. Its fun to listen to you guys because you love talking about Spartacus and it shows. Your conversations are the same type of conversations that I have with friends about the show. I appreciate John's take on Blood and Sand because he is watching it fresh. I remember being blown away by the finale and completely satisfied by the way everything wrapped up. You forgot to mention one thing about the finale. One of the coolest conversations took place between Crixus and Doctore during the final battle: "Crixus! What is this madness??" "It is this house without honor. Spartacus shows us the way!". Awesome scene, awesome show, great podcast. Keep up the good work.
These guys really enjoy what they do!
This is put together very well. You can tell the host really can care about the show. And that they are very much into the show in which the podcast about. Excellence gentlemen
Wrote a review other day but didn't seem to post... Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this pod cast... If your a fan of this awesome show then you will really enjoy Roberto's detailed reviews. His co-host asks the questions I myself want to know. In other words, these guys really compliment one another. My only complaint is that the Pcast isn't long enough. The quality is top notch and even offers sound clips from the show... I sure hope you guys will continue this cast for season 2! GREAT JOB GUYS! MADNESS!!!