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This guy is absolutely spectacular. IO have been following him for years. His beats are right on point, uplifting and exactly what the DJ ordered every time! Forget about Tiesto and Hardwell who all play the same stuff over and over again
Thanks. The music is motivating especially at the gym. Bwoi I tell ya.
Probably one of my fave DJs at this point - can't believe it's all free of charge this is better than many others I have paid for - keep up the great work T.


I love this podcast! I can't download them all no matter how many times I try, but the ones I am able to are simply amazing.
Finally, some house and not trance. Generation Y has messed up our music and I can't see how you can work out to trance, but this I can work out too. Thank You.
His stuff gets heavy rotation in my car!!!! What are u waiting for?
Seriously maybe there an older crowd into the earlier stuff from the early 90s late 80s dance sound or electro house idk how I got here for searchig armin van buuren a state of trance year mix since I want to pre order t iTunes get on the ball plz can't ask for it after Christmas. Wered all the others go? Anyway so I gave this an hour long listen and couldn't take it anymore it's stuck in that average 90s sound that evolved but this chose not to. Bad vocals from the era ew. If y'all want some real podcast go check out Andy Moore. Search artist and scroll down till u see podcast only go for the ones with the artist name. If ur lucky u can type search a sate of trance goto podcast and actually listen to it or download it. But most conplain as I do to it don't work :( fix that to iTunes plz. Then checkout Gareth emery podcast. Mike koglin. If u need a workout get the w&w mainstage podcast next to Andy moor this one is second to none other then armin but avbs isn't working so they win by default. Andy Moore is a bit more vocal but beautiful ear candy. Then we still have corstens countdown each week the top ten voted by listeners. Above&beyond tatw trance around the world. The Ibiza spotlight podcast. Club glow is best for any artist live sets epic sauce there. So between that u should have the best in edm electronic dance music period there's more to like mat zo podcast. Ayla and fila who just won best trance track of the year on asot woot. And any artist u hear on any of those most likely have a podcast as well some talk more then others were it's more just music. But this is the highest best quality top shelf in the music world has to offer the grey goose of music or patron if u will. This here is like a bottle of wal mart whine from the 80s-90s compared no competition the above artist are the cusp of new fresh and the highest tier of music in the world. Check them out. U won't regret it and will want all eps. But not from this one is striving mediocrity
This is just what I was looking for. Music that gets my heart energized and pumping throughout my workout. It's beautifully mixed. I'm going to download all of them.
Definitely very good and new music on each of the podcasts. Thanks a lot!
Hi my name is Andrea
Taku's podcast is simply amazing. Always fresh and never gets old. If you like house or progressive then check it out! You will not be disappointed.
guys this podcast is amazing, ***** stars like before, good picture also, great music, que podcast pa romper una disco, i was loking for this podcast two weeks ago but i didnt find it, today i looked again and i found it with the only different that it has new picture, but i like it more than the otherone :), GOOOOO IBIZAAA!!!!