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The lady bartender is my favorite. I miss her. Also bring back Greg.
Had to listen to this guy as a replacement the week of 6/22/2020 and I wanted to unsubscribe never to have my martini lunch again! Debbie Downer has a brighter outlook than this guy.
It would seem to me that Rob Long could take 5 minutes to do a little research on the history of the Roosevelt statue - one minute reading Wikipedia would do - before making entirely uninformed and cute comments about the efforts to tear down the statue. Roosevelt stood strongly for other races and the artistic symbolism of the statue is nothing like what Long represents. There is sufficient cultural ignorance these days without Long adding gasoline to the fire. Hopefully he wasn’t being paid for talking without spending a minute preparing for the podcast.
Their topics are usually, but not always, centered around politics. They usually do 3 stories or martinis a day. They try to do a good, a bad, and a crazy martini, but things don’t always work out that way. They are pretty good-nature’s about things and make you chuckle. I once spit my coffee out onto my dashboard because I was laughing so hard.
One of the best political podcasts. They’re conservative but fair.
I’ve listened to these guys a number of years. Greg is fairly balanced. Jim, however is a near blind anti Trumper. While it is fair to say Jim and many others don’t like Trump’s style, Trump has accomplished - pre Corona - a great number of objectives Jim supported over the years, ones that other leaders said they would tackle but never did. So Jim joins the MSNBC and CNN snipers quite often - and occasionally praises the Administration but without naming Trunp or even more rarely offering some faint praise along with a healthy serving of pejorative caveats. Listened to over time, Jim comes off as just another DS DC troll., albeit somewhat more amusing on occasion. Makes one wonder what payroll Jim is on.
This is short podcast that is well worth your time.
Jim and Greg offer an honest, non-hysterical run-down of the news which I appreciate so much right now. I was already a fan of Jim (and his humor) from NR “The Editors” podcast and now I get to enjoy his honest discussion with Greg every day. Thanks for the great work, guys!
This a great, quick (15 - 20 minutes) breakdown of the relevant political and social stories going on. Greg and Jim are easy going and keep it fun to listen to while at the same time getting quickly to the heart of the matter. They call it honestly for both sides of the aisle and they don't pull punches. Their reporting and discussion (accurate and objective) is more how it should be in media but so often isn't.
I want to be clear - the podcast and content is good. I like the hosts. The creepy targeted ad insertion that’s too loud caused me to unsubscribe when I couldn’t ignore it anymore. Respect my privacy and my ears.
Yes, Greg! The “Home Version” is good, too! I listen every day.
I listen to a lot of political podcasts and have been liking this one. Even when the news is depressing, these guys don’t harangue and complain. They keep it light and fun and aren’t full of obvious political bias.
It helps put a bit a humor in todays world. I do not miss this podcast.
Please fellas! When comparing seasonal influenza to Covid 19, don’t try to insinuate that the America people should not be more worried about this new virus with similar symptoms. I don’t worry about the flu as much because WE HAVE A VACCINE FOR INFLUENZA!


Please stop blasting the ads, I do not appreciate constantly adjusting the volume. Otherwise stellar podcast, 5 star material if the volume was leveled out.
I do not listen every day, but I do it several times a week and then I binge listen; I might get in sitting two or three episodes. They always fun, having them categorized into good, bad, and crazy martinis is creative. If you want to get a quick take on some headlines of the day, or things overlooked by headlines which should have been in the headlines, this is your podcast.
Truly enjoy the podcast. I tend to listen to differing view podcasts (The Daily) and myself appreciating this podcast more
This is politics with humor, and is a lot of fun. Two super smart nice guys with laughter in their incisive analysis is exactly what America needs.
Less than 30 mins….check Funny comment…check Smart and intelligent commentary…check Checkmate

By Geo_
The sound quality is so poor that it distracts from all the negativity. maybe that’s a ood thing? ... NOT! This podcast is, at best, a wannabe hate-radio program. My advice is buy TWO decent microphones if you want to succeed in Hate Radio (or Hate Podcasting). You are half way there. Greg, tell the other idiot where you got your microphone.
I'm a political podcast listener of many years' standing, and 3 Martini Lunch is far and away my new favorite, the podcast I listen to first each day. As every other commenter has probably noted, the show is smart, funny, lively, and informative. And at this point, there's by my count only one commercial interruptilon per episode, which is good for us listeners, though obviously less so for Jim and Greg.
Excellent daily conservative podcast. I really like the daily news of the day format. The hosts have great chemistry, are informative and also keep it light and fun for easy listening.
It’s all over now. This is about Trump. And just as you criticize other never Trumpers you don’t really get it. What Trump is about. You are so hung up on process that you don’t look at results. So after four years I bid you goodbye.
Check your list of available episodes. Nothing posted last week. Only numbers 1 and 5 of the Silver Martinis available. We’re drying up out here.
Why are the end-of-year awards being posted from 2018 rather than 2019?
Is Jim talking through speakerphone on a 1984 rotary telephone? That’s what it sounds like when he’s on any podcast. This is now part of your job — Invest in a decent mic!
These jokes feel more like complaining about other people’s complaints. Not with standing knowing what either the host stands for. Sounds like teenagers with adult voices. Maybe it gets better but if I am missing the point maybe it’s time this “diet heartedness” gets clear on what you wish to inspire.
Love the podcast especially when Jim is on hiatus. Can NR find some more places for Jim to go so we get less Jim and more Greg?
I have maybe 6 or 7 podcasts I listen to regularly and the Three Martini Lunch is one of them. Never fails to make me smile. Is it bad that I always prefer the Crazy Martini?
Quickly becoming my favorite Daily podcast. Pointed and sharp without pandering just to dish red meat. Gives me hope that someday a more sane and nuanced form of conservatism return to fold. Witty in a smart way, as a listener I feel engaged, not just being feed mindless talking points. My other favorite podcast are the GLOP and Commentary - Long and Podhoretz are the best, Remnant when its not too wonkish, sorry Jonah. Dana Perino’s Podcast is pretty good too. So I put you guys up there with some of best.
New intro is weak. Go back to the original (or at least the previous). Jim tried way too hard to be funny and quippy and to me it comes of as forced and unnatural. Oh, and awkward. And what’s up with JG’s speakerphone? Is he using the speaker setting on an old Nokia 1610?
Totally fine if you’re into conservative media but the minute they start to single out a group of explicitly black entertainers (and one former president) on ’wokeness’ I have to respectfully bow out.
Once a podcast starts to hawk something as “clinically tested “ without telling what said tests revealed, and without explaining that only prospective, randomized, double blind, trials have any clinical relevance, credibility is lost.
The podcast is great. The new intro is HORRIBLE. Change it back. You had the best intro in all of podcast-land. Now...bleh.


By NYC!Joy
As someone with a lean left I was looking for a podcast to help center me. Your podcast fits the bill and I learn something daily. I hear those were the good ol’ days when one could have 3 martinis at lunch! Now just 2 in the evening!
The three Martini Lunch podcast is a daily must listen for those on the right - and left - for humorous takes on the events of the day, served up from a conservative perspective. Jim and Greg have a great chemistry and move the show along at a brisk pace. Can’t do without!
This podcast has quickly become my favorite podcast. They are smart and so funny, especially when it comes to the nonsense that is Washington. Also, Between Two Scorpions is a great book!
A sad example of the last remaining Never Trumpers dithering about this or that. Genuine conservatives beware
Hands down my favorite way to keep up with conservative politics. Funny and short - with astute observations about the greatness of the New England Patriots. Love Greg and Jim!
Quality of discussion and wit drops off significantly when either one of the two primary pundits is out.
Great podcast to listen to for a conservative point of view. However, there is a loud, annoying noise that blows your eardrums out between each segment. Why would you want to annoy your listener in such a way? Please change it!
Even though they approach the issues of the Day from a conservative point of view (I’m more libertarian myself, so I sometimes find myself disagreeing on whether the “martini” is good or bad (we almost always agree on the crazy martinis)), Greg and Jim give a good, entertaining discussion of three issues of the day.
Always a great show. Great pace, great format
I like listening to Jim Gerraghty, but this dude Corombos snickers like a little kid. It’s off putting. Plus, somebody has to save Gerraghty! It sounds like he’s fallen into a well!
Great program but...Jim needs a better studio or a better microphone or both. Sounds horrible.
I listen frequently, so I am forced to conclude that they do a good job entertaining while discussing issues fairly. However, they do have a blind spot when it comes to Trump. They never pass up an opportunity to criticize him for style and temperament while simultaneously crediting him with good policies and results. Wears me down. I don’t get the point, other than venting makes them feel better. Keep it to yourself please.
This podcast is short enough to listen to at anytime thoroughout the day, but also always includes the most interesting, important stories of the day. Combined with the personalities of Greg Corombos and Jim Geraghty, it's a must-listen!!! I agree with the other comments: a great daily update on the political landscape.
When I leave my office at the end of the day this is the first podcast I listen to. It's one of my favorite, favorite shows. Please promise me you two won't stop producing this show any time soon and that you won't change a thing about the show.
Great short format highlighting 3 political news stories, and my favorite part is they do a good job of finding under reported items. The hosts are great, including the substitutes.