Reviews For The Irish Pubcast

Graham, Simon, and Wayne discuss the world of geekdom in often engrossing dialogue over pints of Guinness and glasses of wine. Topics range from upcoming superhero movies to children's cartoons and beyond. Aside from the geeky conversations you might expect is the occasional lesson in Irish slang or pub etiquette. Be warned, though, for those of you with tender ears. Swearing is like punctuation for these fellows. It is called The Pubcast after all. Some listeners may find the explicit content makes it all the more entertaining. Plus there are plenty of return gags to make further listens worthwhile.
If you can't get out to kick up your heels you can kick back with these 3 mates and feel like your knocking a few back and getting goofy with the best nerds on the planet. Even if you don't read comics you will love the enthusiasm these guys generate. And if you like Josh Whedan's work you will fit right in.