Flight 1977 Non-Stop

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By GFull
These guys have stepped it up even more with how awesome this podcast is. The Tim McKendrick and Sam Richardson episodes were absolutely perfect.
I listen to more podcast then the average ipod owner and this is one of my goto's! I look forward to the new episode every week! if you like to laugh then this is a must listen to pod
This podcast tickles my nostalgia fancy lol. These guys are great with the historical pop culture references. I am always happy to hear a new podcast from these three. It does not sound forced, it moves seamlessly from one topic to the next and you can tell right from the start that it is genuine. Well done good sirs. Check em out if you like to laugh. Who doesn't like to laugh?
I listen to this every week and look forward to every new episode. It reminds me of Seinfeld, in that the magic and greatness is the natural conversation the guys have each episode. First couple episodes I was lukewarm, but now I'm hooked. No great problems to solve or Business to get Done. I do manage to learn at least 10 useless facts every episode, there is some serious music and movie knowledge dropped by, well, at least two of the regulars. Another high point, you can tell the guys really like and respect each other, so this doesn't spin into sick burn theatre. Give it a listen.
This show is packed with both common and obscure references for those born in the 70s, schooled in the 80s and set loose on the world in the 90s.
This is one of the first podcasts I've ever listened to. These guys are friggin funny. You really need to check them out!
You should really check this podcast out.