Keeping it Real in the MamaHood

Reviews For Keeping it Real in the MamaHood

I love the show, nothing out like it, one moment Alexis is talking about Movies & Tv, and then jump into talking about health tips. She has a great attitude about life, and is very fun to listen to, great show for both guys and girls to listen to, simply love it! Funny & informative! Alexis, we love the show, we need more people like u!
Love the shows, and I always download and listen while I go for a jog. This show is awesome for young people who wanna get involved in something more than Facebook, and twitter, great jokes Alexis, keep the shows coming!
I was most interested in the relationship podcasts. I'm not getting younger and I am admittedly socially awkward. Alexis has a certain charm to her advice - you can hear that it's genuine, not learned or hack. Almost like sitting in a room and hanging out with people you know. She reminded me that sometimes simple approaches are best - "it's okay, just say hey!"