Reviews For SMinterview

Pleasantly surprised, one of the best podcasts not containing Joe Rogan. Can't wait for more.
Hey Kevin?!?!? MORE MORE MORE!!!!! I need more Sminterviews. It's not like your busy or have anything better to do than poke some smot and fluck your feshlight. ;) love what your doin all around man.
Fantastic story telling. Very compelling. Must do more.
Kevin I think you have out done yourself again good job! I'm waiting for the next one
I wanna eat kev smiths brain! He owes me his brain coz I downloaded thissss
Kevin smith has once again shown that masterful podding is done when people speak honestly and from the heart. Big bucket of win and whatnot.
That was just the first thing that popped up from my paste. You guys are incredible together. If you both have time to record a SMalbomcast a week you would have a very happy SModcast Podcast Network listener. Listening to you talk makes me want to jump in and participate in the conversation. And you can even have SMalbomcast! I'll letcha have it. As a gift from a guy who likes given stuff to people. Unless you've already thought it up...or someone posted it earlier. (No offense to anyone who may have posted it earlier. I just didn't read the earlier posts. I'm sorry). But if you didn't and nobody else did then by gams I'm gonna letcha have it! From, A loyal SModcast Podcast Network listener. P.S. Blue Dragon is VERY nice.
What an awesome podcast!!


By Dr Deca
That was a great podcast!! I'm going to look into reading that book and continue to look for more great stories to come so please listen to this you will leave with a bigger heart
Nothing like crying at work one second and laughing like a hyena ten mins later! I've got the fear they think I'm bipolar now. Great podcast and I can see this being one of my favorites on smodcast network!
Nothing makes a work day go faster than listening to a Smodcast. No matter what critics say about Kevin Smith he has entertained me more than he could ever know and I love him for that. Keep up the good work for your fans Smodcast.
I'm not sure exactly who Kev plans to interview, but he's a cat who knows people. Great first SMinterview!
What a wonderful use of today's technologies! As fans of the (seemingly) lost art of conversation, Kevin's network is heaven for audiophiles! There's something for everyone...give that p*#^s a sandwich!
I am digging the Smodcast network. Good job getting so many great, FREE shows out there for us to listen to.
As always! About half way through and it is great stuff as always! Go read all of Mitch's books.