Torch of Faith, Grayslake, Illinois

Reviews For Torch of Faith, Grayslake, Illinois

Looking to hear the truth of God's word presented in a relevant, personal, and relatable way? Then these messages are definitely for you! Check out these fresh podcasts for encouragement, enlightenment, and powerful wisdom you can apply to everyday life!
I love this podcast. Admittedly so, I am biased as I lead the group that creates these, but it wasn't always the case. This podcast is actually the thing that spring boarded me into my current ministry at Torch. I was serving every other Sunday in LIT and found that I was missing the message on those Sundays. I wanted to hear the podcasts sooner than later...The solution: Help create them! Now I lead the Torch Online division and it was all due to a hungry appetite for what this podcast was bringing: the fierce unashamed word of God served up in a practical manner that meets you where you are. I love Torch Church!!!!
God is moving and touching the lives of many people and He has used Carter to touch my life and transform me into Jesus' image. This is a church where you can be real and bring your problems and Mark shows this in his messages. I would recommend this to anybody interesting in furthering their walk with the Lord regardless of where they are in their walk with the Lord.
Carter has a good understanding of today's culture in America. Carter targets his messages to a younger to middle-aged audience and maintains a positive and Biblical perspective on today's issues. He presents topics in such a way so that those who have had overzealous, hypocritical, self-righteous, lukewarm Christians shove Bible verses down their throats can actually think about the hard questions like - "Why should Jesus of the New Testament and his claims be taken seriously?"
God's Word is good stuff.
Love that preaching, Carter!!!