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I recommend to men and women! This amazing intelligent strong business woman is a trailblazer who shares with her listeners what she is learning in her life journey (good and bad); business, relationships and nutrition...and of course workout tips. She has her business partner John Carlo on frequently and her sound engineer, Jake and producer, Martini Cindy have open discussions that bring insight from personal journeys. I respect their courage to be transparent and share mistakes or painful memories so others can relate, connect and grow!
If I could give zero stars I would. I will no longer support a podcast production company that doesn’t support freedom of expression.
I feel like Jillian talks about herself too much - please stay on the topic!
Funny, motivational, & informational


How can I take anything she says seriously after her involvement in a show like the biggest loser? The show did not prepare people for real life and ruined the metabolism of every contestant. Her comments on Crossfit shows her true lack of understanding what it is - why comment on it if you do not understand it?
I saw this podcast advertised in an email I received from Jillian Michaels and decided to give it a shot. I made it 3/4 of the way through her show this week about genetics and I learned more about stuff I could go online and buy using the promo code “Jillian” than anything actually useful. I had to turn it off. I won’t give this another chance, too many other amazing podcasts out there to waste my time.
Content is good and relatable but when half of the episode is filled with commercials, it takes away from the content.
The irony in the episode being about confidence but Jillian putting down the other members on the show (who work for her) is not lost on me. I’ve felt that she’s rude and speaks to her staff in a condescending way. She doesn’t let them speak and when they do she shoots their ideas down. I’m finally unsubscribing because that’s not a way to live a healthy life.
I love your frank banter. Jillian bought up the topic of gonorrhea..Yeah, we need info like this. Don't change anything. Be who you are. There's all types in the world. For your co-worker to say no one wants to hear this stuff is so not true. All topics in this show should be allowed. That's why we tune in
Occasionally good topics but it increasingly feels disorganized and like they are just winging it in terms of the content without a plan -unsubscribing prefer podcasts like the doctors farmacy with solid experts on nutrition and longevity
couldn’t finish one single episode before getting through all the commercials!
Lack of fitness, health, or nutrition contents.
At best, Jillian's podcasts offer motivational speeches to get yourself in the mindset to change for the better. But, again and again does she demonstrate her narrow-minded one-size-fits-all approach that mimics what we were told by nutritionists 20+ years ago. She discredits a whole-body approach (eg incorporating mind, hormones, genetics, which nowadays we are learning are much more relevant to weight and overall health than we previously believed). Jillian's methodology is old-school and only applicable to those who - aside from the number on their scale - are in overall good and "normal" health. If she is going to continue working in the field she has an ethical obligation to keep up with research and science as well as the variety of body conditions today's population presents.
I have been unhappy with Jillian’s podcast for awhile. She has obviously succumbed to using her podcast to advertise for other people and products and I never liked how she disrespected her employees (calling her assistants “it”). It left little time to talk about health, wellness, and fitness. The 2018 holiday episode was my final straw. Hearing Jillian whine about the gift she got from her assistant and wish she had received the gifts others got was the height of her obnoxiousness. There are too many other health and wellness podcasts out there to waste time on this.
I used to listen to this show religiously every week. I loved all the talk about different health and fitness topics from diets, workouts, and mental health issues. But lately, I just can’t take the banter between her and her friends. Or the teasing of her assistant. It’s nothing I can relate to.
I’m a new listener and just listened to the “healing heart break” episode. Wow ,Thank you Jillian for being so real & so vulnerable. That takes a lot of courage! I wanted to reach through the podcast and give you a hug! Your insight and experiences are truly helpful, thank you! Xo
I am excited about your next book. WW and liver?? OMG I tell people this all the time. Who is doing the study? So I put the chocolate milk in my coffe and drink the bottle of wine while I am chilling. Love the show
Boooring uninformed...
Absolutely love your podcast. It's like hanging out with friends who can teach you something new, gives you great information without preaching. Love. Also love Everytime Giancarlo is on the show. He is funny and I absolutely love his pick-up lines🤣🤣🤣Pure love. Keep going.
I like this podcast, it’s informative and fun to listen to, but way too many ads. There’s three ads per each ad break. :-/
I was trying to find some cool health and wellness podcasts and decided to check it out. I listened to a couple of the most recent episodes and while it had some good topics and Jillian is very knowledgeable, I couldn’t get past the causal slurs thrown around. I get that Jillian is a part of the LGBT+ community, but honestly in this day and age I really don’t want to hear someone call someone else a “f**”. It’s just not a word I’m cool with. I’d rather to listen to someone else who avoids that kind of language. It’s not a horrible terrible no-good podcast, just not for me.
Love the show. Cindy, Bishop, G, & Heidi are great compliments to you, Jill! Jake cracks me up too. I always learn something & like the lighter mood since the revamp!
I used to listen to Julian back when her podcast first launched. It’s a shame that she hasn’t jumped on board with all the new research coming out on keto. There’s definite bias in her dialogue and unfortunately I think she’s stuck in the old ways of thinking, ie calories in calories out. Would love to see her bring experts on the show. Also, keto is not Atkins.
This podcast used to be very good. No one wants to waste their time listening to you talk about nothing or putting down your cohorts (respect yourself enough to respect ALL others). No wonder Janice vanished... Get a grip Jillian!
I love Jillian. She’s my spirit animal. I’m amazed by her. My gripe with the podcast is that they get stuck laughing at it arguing about things happening in the studio that we don’t care about!!! I don’t hear all the noises made that get you all riled up and giggling about, and I don’t enjoy when you’re just getting on each other about the noises you make into the mics. Get on with the show please! I tune in for the content, not for you b*tching at each other.
I wanted to love this show. I’ve tried countless episodes, but it’s just not good. I have seen Jillian in person during her Maximize Your Life tour, own all her DVD’s and books, and have been a fan for years. This podcast doesn’t feel as if they even acknowledge there is an audience. It is tangent-like and unorganized with no clear reasoning for each episode. It’s not an enjoyable listen. I hope that the clumsiness eventually gets fixed, but until then, I’m unsubscribing.
Please stop talking incessantly about straws squeaking, people’s microphones and breathing. Who is editing this show or better yet not editing this show?


By Hrdmd
I enjoy the email question and answers, but they are totally unprepared and are doing research on the questions while taping the show. Would be nice if they would do the research before taping the show so that Jillian knows what they’re talking about when they ask questions. Sometimes you get “I don’t know what that is” and no answer to the question. Also, don’t really enjoy the banter between them at the beginning of every show. I skip past that.
I have been an avid listener since January of 2013. I really think the show changed when Janice left the first time, but it came back to its roots when Janice returned. Now that she’s gone again the dynamic is different. I will continue to listen because I love Jillian and her advice, but the show isn’t as good since Janice left.


I cringed listening to Jillian make assumptions and using non credible resources to talk about the whole30. If you didn’t know what is was then just be honest.
She is an icon and an inspiration. Enough said :)
I love G on the show!! I listen at work every Monday on my headphones and catch myself laughing out loud on the regular.
Just too many careless words for my liking. I try to be tolerant of all views and opinions, but Jillian’s careless words of those who support the 2nd amendment, turned me off to the podcast for good. Paraphrasing, the statement of ‘I don’t care who you are, you do not love your gun (assault rifle), more than a Mother loves their child.’ If you are going to go their at least acknowledge the complexity of it rather than reducing it. The conversation is one in which violence, death, mental health, rights, tyrannical government, demilitarization, the question of if the constitution was written with forethought might be mentioned. I get the passion, but be a professional. Stick with fitness. Maybe the podcast should be in a different category.
The most recent episode was the last straw for me. No one wants to hear about a millennial getting super drunk at her boss’s house! That was the worst! Plus she thinks that story is cool? It’s not! And I thought G’s pompous stories were bad. Unsubscribe.
I don’t know why I still listen, but each episode seems to devolve. Listen if you enjoy feeling like the 3rd wheel as Jillian and her co-workers? friends? producers? family? talk about getting drunk, tell (uninteresting to the listener) stories, and give each other advice (who cares!?). I root for Jillian, so I say this with love: CHANGE YOUR PODCAST.
This podcast used to be entertaining as well as informative. Unfortunately since Janice’s departure it has become a weird and uncomfortable show. I find myself cringing at times when Jillian give advice to the caller or when all participants talk over each other. Not worth my time or yours.
I used to love this podcast but last few months i find myself skipping to the about 5 minutes worth of actual fitness talk. Otherwise, I just don’t care. Would love for this to be an actual health and fitness podcast again but its just not....
Jillian I’ve admired you and followed you since the biggest loser, you know so much info about health and fitness but I’m a little sad that the show has taken a turn to just talk about relationships and experiences from your staff. Please bring back all the health and fitness talk. Missing Janice but hopeful that it’ll get better soon.
Considering it’s Jillian, I thought it would be a discussion about health and workouts. I’ve listened to a few episodes and most of them are about relationships and gossip about the office. Really want more podcasts about workouts.
I am an avid listener since the beginning; since Janice left it’s really not the same...i will keep listening....but there will never be another Janice
I have been listening to this podcast since the beginning (KFI Days) since Janice left it’s just not the same. Not enough information, too many personal stories of the guests you have sitting around the table now. I only have so much time to listen to a pod cast, this wont be one of them anymore.
Have been an avid listener and subscriber to jillian’s podcast since 2017. Show was always a great balance of health and fitness tips, nutritional advice, life advice and most improved the comedy between everyone on the podcast. However at the end of 2017 Jillian announced unfortunately 2 of the integral parts of the podcast were not returning for various reasons. I stayed trued and hoped that the pod would still be as great as it was usually, but man it has consistently failed to deliver. Topics haven’t been as good, conversation has been dull, the “it” has disappeared. its now just a bunch of blah and a phone call to Dr. Axe every week. its May now. If tried to hang in for 4 months but i just Can’t listen or subscribe anymore.
I will not listen to any Wondery podcasts as long as they are associated with Mike Boudet.
Just heard you on juicy scoop and immediately had to follow and listen. You’re an inspiration to me and a lot of women. Keep up the great work!
Hi Jillian! I came across your podcast by accident and have been hooked ever since! I love the variety of your show. Are you on Snapchat? I’d love to follow you. Thanks!
Absolutely obsessed. Hopefully this makes it to Janice or son of Bruce Paul- have people speak into the microphone clearly all the time/fix the volume problem please!! I'm getting a workout having to change the volume up and down every few seconds.
Apparently, Janice was the best part. The tone turned really bitter and hateful after she left. It’s uncomfortable to listen.