Reviews For So, You're A Creative Genius... Now What?

I have Been listing to Carl for many years and you don't really need to know anything about the man to get a feel for what he's all about. Carl King's creative style is far beyond anything i've ever herd before. You may find Carl under various pseudo-names such as Sir Millard Mulch & Dr. Zoltan Obelisk. Although this podcast has little to none musical value if you are into getting into the mind of a creative genius and insight on how vicious the entertainment industry can be id highly recommend this to anyone and maybe you can stumble across many of Carl Kings great creative work. anyone quick to judge or only cares about anything mainstream this probily isn't for you. I have listened to every available episode and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. Please also enjoy this podcast and please try and make time to search for Sir Millard Mulch and Dr. Zoltan Obelisk im willing to bet you will like what you find.