Married With Clickers

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This is one of my favorite podcasts that I listen to on a weekly (or so) basis. They probably have the best diversity of films they cover as they review everything like forgotten treasures like My Name Is Julia Ross (you should download that episode!) to classics, current movies, and Lifetime trash masterpieces. Also, Scott has said he was a Sixers fan when he was younger, so that is an added bonus.
Intelligent and fun movie review podcast hosted by a married couple from the Great White North who cover a wide variety of films ranging from old classics to modern cheese, from noir to post-apocalypse, from Gene Tierney to Tori Spelling. The show is well structured and to the point but still manages a relaxed and easygoing style which makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. High recommend for connoisseurs of interesting film talk.
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This is the best podcast on the internet. You listen! You like! It is funny, fun, entertaining, and informative. Love love LOVE it!
Scott and Kat are great and cover a very wide variety of movies. Might be an all-time classic, might be something with Brian Austin Green but they are so likable and warm that you could listen to them talk about pretty much anything and be just as happy. An essential part of my podcast rotation now. Give them a listen!
Neither of the hosts are film critics or have any pretense of doing so. They're just real people who love movies and love talking about movies. They're also adorable and the chemistry is palpable. A great podcast and great people.
There are a LOT of movie podcasts out there nowadays, but charmingly married hosts Scott and Kat manage to make theirs something new. They choose a wide range of movies from classics to trash and have a genuinely entertaining rapport that's both sweet and sarcastic. It's a breath of fresh air in the film podcasting universe and one I HIGHLY recommend downloading for your morning commute.
Scott & Kat are a charming couple who love movies almost as much as they love each other. Having recently celebrated ten years of marriage, they clearly share great chemistry with each other. More importantly, as hosts of Married With Clickers, they share that same warmth with listeners. Listening to an episode is like attending a friendly dinner party. Conversation is wry, without being vulgar or mean spirited. It's very accessible, with movie choices that often center on revisiting old favorites rather than chasing after new releases or championing the latest obscurity. While Scott & Kat don't always agree (marriage, after all, is a compromise ;)) there's no "men are from mars, women are from venus" / "battle of the sexes" style nonsense. It's smart, clearly spoken, well recorded and at just under an hour fits comfortably into any listening session. Here's to many more fine podcasts from the First Lady and Gentleman of Podcasting!