Reviews For The Secret World Chronicle, Book Four: World Divided

This story is one of the best. It's been a while though since they've released a new episode but I definately haven't gave up on the story which shows how good it is. It'll be worth the wait but waiting stinks. Where is the next chapter?!!!!!! I'm changing my rating from 5 to 1 stars until they start getting back to work or at least let us know when to expect the next chapter.
Great listen! I've enjoyed all four books. Can't wait for more chapters for book four!
I just wish they would hurry up and add more episodes, or at least give a hint as to when we can expect them! If you like well preformed audio literature, you'll love this series!
Great story, very gripping and fastpaced! The narrator is fantastic, the voices and accents are amazing!
I have enjoyed all 4 books so far! I have loved it all. Just get frustrated as I wait impatiently for the next chapter! Keep up the great work!!!
I burned through the books as fast as I could listen. My only mistake is waiting on pins and needles for the rest! I'm getting anxious for more. I keep wondering if the show/novel is on a break now. Please don't be on a break... I need my fix!
I love this series. Can't wait for the rest, hey where is the rest?! Com on com on gimmie me the rest of this story. :) Great story!
Please keep this coming, and in a rapid fashion if possible!!! Love'em!!
The series is wonderful. My problem is that a section isn't available except once a week. Am also waiting impatiently for the books - and curious as to whether they are going to deal with the date of the NBA all star game - February - vs the events in the story - summer. Other questions relate to why things have happened (Spoilers) Why did the Seraphym set up Verdigris - she had to know what he would do if he was threatened. She can see the future after all. She essentially killed Tesla.... And various questions about whether any of the heroes will survive/
Once I started the with book 1 I just can't get enough. This one is fantastic so far!!! And y'all have been releasing a few at a time :) !!! Keep it up!! And Veronica it's amazing that you can do all that with our voice pure talent!! Im going to assume ur the best in ur field.
If you loved the previous books this one wont disappoint!