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While I enjoy listening to the podcast, it takes way too long to post to iTunes. Like months and months.
Love Glen! So I enjoy this show. I love his grumpy voice.
I'm a big fan of all of the WGP podcasts but THACO's Hammer is my favorite. Mostly, 2nd edition is my favorite edition of AD&D but also I think the guys do the best job of giving information. This podcast is great because it's evergreen. People can listen to any episode no matter when it was released and find value. I am a newer listener to the show and I haven't listened to every episode but I really like it.
I enjoy the cast of this show and the special guests that show up from time to time. Keep it up DM Glen and hosts!
All I need to say is that I don’t play 2e, yet I making my way through these podcast a second time. The chemistry of the host is amazing. They feel like they truly like and respect one another. In addition the advice and ideas has helped my basic D&D game a lot.
Truly the best 2nd Edition D&D podcast out there. Not that they have much competition. Nevertheless they do a great job and they have brilliant chemistry.
This is my favorite podcast ever. Outstanding hosts, content, informative, & very entertaining!! Glenn & the guys rule!!
If you ever played 2nd edition D&D this podcast is like a slice of heaven. It will take you back to some treasured memories and it may even inspire you to pick up playing once again. The hosts are really knowledgeable and entertaining, a great mix. I should also mention that you can hear the ice in their drinks tinkle during the podcast, an appeal for drunks everywhere.
That's Latin for "THACO's Hammer is the greatest!" I've been approaching you guys a little slower, while I polish off the backlog of Vince and the Gang over at RFI, but at the same time, you've also been the ones who got me through many an overnight motel stay while I was doing repetitive work reports as part of my job. Having you guys streaming on the laptop was like having a cadre of gamers sitting at the table with me, talking about the finer points of roleplaying while I did the drudge work necessary to pay the bills. I've asked a couple of questions in the past, and you've answered them quickly and expertly. In fact, my wife is preparing to playtest the Monk class one of you sent to her; the character will soon be making an appearance in my Roman campaign world (Mundus Romanus). Speaking of Roma Antiqua, have you guys done a show yet on the splatbook, "The Glory of Rome: Campaign Sourcebook?" I noticed it specifically proscribes the paladin class, probably because their origin as idealized Christian knights comes essentially from the Romance literature of the High Middle Ages. Personally, though, I don't see why warriors dedicated to rightness and justice, and who serve a god or gods who represent such virtues, couldn't still exist in a Classical setting, albeit in modified form. I'm thinking of using the Mithraic Mysteries as a possible semi-historic channel for the Paladin class. Any of you have any thoughts on what changes in the class abilities/restrictions--if any--might best be made to reflect a pagan era Paladin [Palatinus paganus]?
I really like Glen, and the show. I want to play 2e but have not yet found people to play.
I am getting back into playing AD&D 2E after a 20 year hiatus and this podcast is full of great ideas and rules clarifications. Keep it up!
Great Cast! I find myself doing spit takes and laughing until my sides hurt with of of their stories about gaming. You do not have to be a 2e fanatic to love this show. If you like roleplaying in general you will love all of the banter, gaming stories, and advice. The show is full of advice and ideas for DM / GM's in any roleplaying game. So grab your dice bag! Pour yourself a drink and come on over to Thac0's Hammer!
I love this podcast. The point counterpoint that is provided by all of the different hosts is excellent and keeps each show fresh and engaging. The subject matter is near and dear to my heart, having been a 2E player since it's inception, and an AD&D player since I'm 9 (that was 1986 for anyone keeping track). I look forward to each and every episode and have yet to me disapointed. Keep up the good work.
2nd Edition was the first edition I did on my own time and own dime. Nothing but good memories and this podcast helps remind me of them.
Three cheers battlin' brawlers of brutal bludgeoning barbarism! If I had one complaint about the show is that it doesn't update enough for a gamer cut off from playing because of work. Listening to the show is one of my great joys when I come off work, and I am liking the line-up more with every episode. And if I might, I would love to see a segment highlighting different npcs from modules and fan generated. I have always found that having fleshed out 3 dimensional npcs is always a major sticking point in my past campaigns. Plus I am sure Glenn and Full-On would love the chance to bring these characters to life. Gleefully waiting till the hammer comes down again, DM Cal
This is an awesome podcast on 2nd edition Dungeons and current role playing game of choice. The hosts know their stuff, and I learn something new every time I listen. DM's Glen, Brian, Cory and FullonGamer mesh together very well. My only complaint is that I would love for them to also get DM BadMike back on the crew...the combined knowledge of all five of them would be unstoppable!
I agree with the previous reviewer. The content is really good, but DM Glen's audio quality is sometimes very harsh. He either needs a DeEsser to reduce excess siblance of the ess sounds, or needs a new mic. I like the topics presented. Also, RFI uses chapter breaks in their podcast. Those are really helpful, so you may want to give some consideration to adding those to the production. Keep up the good work!
Show needs audio work, not editing wise, sound wise. Good hosts, they all seem to know their stuff.
More than any other podcast, this one always takes me back to my Jr. High/High School days in my buddy's garage. Drinking Mountain Dew (Not Mtn Dew) and Jolt Cola, rolling dice and having laughs. Can't wait to hear the Greyhawk episode, as we spent a great deal of time in that realm. It would be fun to visit again. Gotta get the gang back together for one last great campaign, maybe I'll finally be able to retire my 15th level Blade.
This is one of the best 2nd edition AD&D podcasts going. informational and entertaining at the same time.
The Baddest Podcast of them all. It should have a lich in a silver glove as it's mascot! Celebrate the last great RPG that held on against the onslaught of both VtM and MtG and listen to this show! Millions of players from 1989 to 2000 were not wrong!
The show seems to be modeled after the Roll For Initiative 1st edition AD&D podcast, which is a good thing becaise the RFI podcast is great. There's some rough edges for sure, but once these are smoothed out, I'm sure this will be every bit the 2nd edition equivalent of RFI.
A quick review after just 4 episodes. These guys rock old-school gaming and while the 'cast is AD&D 2e centric, there is lots to recommend in these jam packed episodes for players of any fantasy RPG game. While I don't play 2e (I stick to 1e and Basic plus Pathfinder) the reviews of supplements has led me to pick up some great source material. Keep up the good work guys!
I just started playing AD&D 2e using the revised editions PHB, this podcast is a wealth of info, musings and fun. It has improved my game and given me hints for improving my gaming experience. Slash on guys!