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Such a great show and this podcast doesn’t live up to it. The BTS segment is great but everything else is terrible. The one guy tries to be funny and he’s just not. One will go over the episode and then the others say yeah pretty much what I feel... very boring
Awasome podcast. Loving it Note for yas radars bear was up for aution and radar himself bought the bear and now owns it
3/5 of each episode is them reading the IMDB entry for a given episode. 1/5 is them maybe giving an opinion? One which is more often than not ill-formed and not cogent? And 1/5 is the main host being terrible at his job (hint: if the only way to keep your show going is to repeatedly and ham-handedly ask your fellow hosts "so do you have anything to add?" you don't have a podcast, you have a boring, awkward bro-dinner conversation.)
This is just an awesome TV show podcast. The two host seem to have a good relationship. Some of the different episodes I can and do listen to time and again.


I love the series & this podcast!! I think you should do aftermsh after you finish mash!!
Absolutely well done. It can't be easy and its a lot of episodes to do. Every can have a wish two and if I way paying perhaps a few small ones but other than that. Good Job
I just discovered the podcast and I am burning through the episodes quickly. It's nice to hear somebody talking about these episodes. I grew up watching it with my father and now I watch The reruns. I know every episode but I always learn something new listening to these guys
I love that the show is under 30 minutes. There are waaaaaaaaay too many Podcasts hosted by people who love to hear themselves talk, and drone on for an hour or longer about 30 minutes episodes of TV shows. This Podcasts seems to understand that people have other things to do than spend 90 minutes to 2 hours hearing fanboys discussing single episodes. BUT, do these people really love M*A*S*H? I'm up to season 3, and they hate almost every episode. And they hate it for the most nit-picky reasons. The best years of the show were the Larry Linville years. After that, the show got too maudlin, preachy, with weak humor in between the message delivered with a sledgehammer. So, yeah, I give the Podcast a shrug and a half-hearted meh.
I am working my way through the early parts of this podcast (ep. 28) and I love the information in it. However, the last few minutes of these episodes are a waste for me and worth skipping. Instead of information about the episode being talked about it is a bunch of ads about the other podcasts that the hosts are involved in all at once. If maybe one ad in the middle of the episode and one at the end this would be understandable and not such an annoyance
Unfortunately there is only one podcast that reviews one of the greatest comedy series ever. There are no interviews with cast, crew or writers. There is more criticism than praise for the show. One of the reviewers complained about the show failing to use CGI for a scene where Klinger uses giant wings to fly away. Sorry but CGI was non-existent in the 70's. The reviewers also complain about the timeline. Apparently the show producers could not predict that a show about a 4 year war would last 11 season. There are entertaining and informative moments that keep me in for the 20 minute podcasts.
I have been listening to this podcast for a year now and love them all. I only wish you guys had more time to do more than two a month.
I love MASH and I was excited to find a podcast that tries to deal with every episode. But after listen so several episodes of this podcast I'm quite disappointed. An episode is about 30 minutes. Thereof the last 10 minutes are just advertising. 10 Minutes are soundfiles from the discussed MASH episodes. 5 minutes are devoted to reading out background information from imdb. This leaves 5 minutes for mediocre opinions like "I think this episode is quite ok" and a trivia quiz, also read from a book. My advise: Instead of listening to this nonsense rewatch the actual MASH episode.
I'm so glad I found this podcast! I loved watching MASH when it was on, but I'd forgotten most of the details in the show. The guys go through every episode, giving us recaps, trivia and lots of sound clips.
Just subscribed. Love the show. My onlycomplaint is that you show the episodes without the laugh track. I'm probably in a minority that likes the laugh track. Please try to bring this back in your future shows.
This podcast is a great look back at the series of MASH. The three hosts do a fantastic job of breaking down each episode and pointing out some details you may have missed. If you can name a dozen cast members or can hum the MASH them you should subscribe immediately.
Very fun show. Good discussions about each episode of MASH, typically covering episode recaps (including key moments, themes, etc.), behind the scenes information, and trivia. Great to relive the series, and I especially like how the hosts include clips from the episode they are discussing. Thanks for the show, guys!
An episode by episode trip with the manic medics from the 4077th Mash. The hosts are engaging, very opinionated and funny. They are very critical of the first three seasons, but the soundbytes and trivia make up for it.
Got into MASH pretty recently. This podcast is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find. So much fun.
I really did, but this show falls short of what it could/should be. To be fair it is still better than anything I could make. Rather than bash on the hosts, I'd rather just point them to another podcast "Mission Log" it's a Star Trek podcast of a similar style, but they have nailed the "formula" of how to do a show like this properly. This show is not terrible, it's just disappointing, so I gave it 3 stars.
Awesome episode by episode reviews, fun facts, and history. Great podcast
I use to watch M*A*S*H two years ago. I love M*A*S*H. Good pod cast. Keep up the good work.
To put it briefly, I love these guys! MASH went off the air when I was a toddler and the first run of reruns played when I was more interested in cartoons, so I almost missed how amazing it was. I accidentally watched a full episode in the early 2000's and have been hooked ever since. Listening to this podcast adds to my overall MASH experience with the show notes and trivia, plus it reminds me of some of the conversations I have had with friends who also love the show. The hosts truly love MASH, yet they aren't afraid to be critical of some of the weaker episodes. I only wish it were a weekly podcast! Keep up the good work fellas!
This Podcast Rocks!! The guys truly are MASH lovers, and it shows in their reviews of each episode.It is refreshing to hear the opinions of Kenny Al And Meds, And I look forward to the release each new podcast!Thank You for your hard work, and dedication!
They are doing a episode by episode review with background and trivia. Well put together and a fun group to listen to.
I watched these when they were original run and this podcast always brings back great memories.
Well I'm obviously in the minority here, but after giving this podcast about a month and 5 or 6 episodes I have to say it is awful. I realize we're just in the early stages (Season 2) of the series' run, but these three twits barely ever have anything good to say. This makes me wonder if they're even fans of the show and if not, why bother to do a podcast? They seem to lament the fact that M*A*S*H was even a comedy. Hello? Yes it was about war but the great thing was that it gave us both the laughs and the tears at the same time. That guy Al especially doesn't seem to like anything about any of the characters. Again...hello? Human beings tend to be kind of flawed, even doctors? Sound familiar? These three are probably in the same crowd that appreciated the later episodes, the ones that focused less on comedy and more about the anti-war message. Well I for one am not going to wait around to find out if that's the case. One last thing, they complain constantly about the dearth of information regarding the background stories of each episode. But if they bothered to actually do the research instead of droning on and on about what IMDB says some one-shot guest nurse did after their appearance on the show, they just might come up with something far more interesting. The rest of you can keep on wasting your time with this garbage podcast but I won't.
This podcast hits home. It's great. Wonderful insight into each episode. I'm 35 years old and I've been a huge M*A*S*H fan since my dad and I used to watch it 25 years ago. He passed when I was 15 and as dorky as it sounds, its the one thing I still have of him to hold onto. And this podcast just adds to that. everybody is well spoken and adds to the cast. Thank you so much for doing this. Oh, and Colonel Flagg is the best character ever.
I'm 37 years old and had never been drawn to MASH in my life. A co-worker kept telling me to try it out, it's a great show. I never gave it much thought, considering many shows don't age real well and become rather bland or corny. But I took a trip to my local library and picke up season 1 and have been addicted ever since. Then, just out of curiosity, I checked to see if anyone had done a podcast on MASH and I find this very entertaining podcast. It's informative and funny. I love the banter between the hosts, and how obvious it is that they all truly love the show and yet aren't afraid to be critical of the episodes that are lacking. So glad to have so freshly found one of my favorite shows ever along with one of my favorite podcasts! Thanks guys and keep it going until season 11. You're doing great!!!
& these guys don't disappoint. Great insight. I enjoy listening to their take on an episode and then going to my 11 season box set and rewatching the same episode to see if I can find the continuity areas they find. Fun podcast. Thank you for the work.
I have recently started listening to this podcast (even starting off at episode 1 and working my wayy through). I use to watch the show when it was on CBS, then watched the episodes on all the different stations that would show it. It great listening to the staff talk about the episodes and the insight they have on the show and its different characters/actors. Keep up the good work.
I like the show a lot. One of my only dislikes is that each episode only contains one mash episode. That is kind of a bummer and it will take years to finish the seasons. Little faster pace and some on air fan trivia would be cool. I really enjoyed Harry's input but sometimes it was very hard to understand him, very thick accent. Great show guys!
If you are a M*A*S*H fan, this podcast is hands down an absolute must have! I love this podcast! I'm so glad there is FINALLY a M*A*S*H podcast and the fact its awesome is really just icing on the cake!! I only wish they were more frequent cause it's so hard to wait for the next episode!! Keep up the fantastic work guys!!
I love listening to this podcast on my morning run! MASH is one of the all time shows ever & this brings all those memorable shows back to life. Great fun! FINALLY!
Lots of fun to listen to this podcast. Brings back great memories from watching the show when I was young.
I am so happy that I found this podcast! It is fun to listen to and informing on M*A*S*H trivia I did not know. Keep up the great work, you, you guys!
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. It's one of the few podcasts I download and listen to immediately every week. Kenny, Meds and Al do a great job deconstructing and critiquing each episode. Whether you're new to the show or a die-hard, lifelong M*A*S*H fan (like me), you should subscribe now. You won't be disappointed.
This podcast brings back great memories for me as a longtime fan of the show. I especially enjoy the behind the scenes portion as I learn things that I never knew before and plan to start going back through the episodes and watching for these things. Great show guys!
I very much enjoy listening to this podcast as I ride the train to and from work, very entertaining, lots of clips from the show... Behind the scene info and trivia for the die hard MASH fan.... MASH still holds up to any show on T.V. Today.... Very cool podcast.


Love the podcast. The clips and behind the scenes info is cool. Find the background info on the actors very interesting and is surprising how many were also on Quincy, however sorry Kenny I find you laugh a bit annoying
Love the show and all the characters(except Frank)Ha... I was thinking the show ran for 11 seasons, better pick up the pace
found this while browsing around, Terrific in bringing back memories of the show and why I loved it so!
The hosts of this show clearly know their stuff and it comes from a place of love for a fantastic tv show. They offer opinions that come from a genuine place. Not every episode of the show is a winner and they know it and are not afraid to discuss things that way. It really is a lot of fun. Informative and entertaining. Definitely worth a listen.
Loving this podcast. I love this show and it's nice to hear about the trivia and behind the scenes information.
This is an amazing podcast! it gives a great overview of the shows and i love the clips. overall, amazing!
Great podcast!!
I was suprised to find this podcast...talking about one of my favorite shows with several viewpoints and not all gushing reviews. I like this a lot and can't wait until they get to some of my favorite episodes....Dear Sigmund, for one. Great Job guys, you have a new fan.
Great podcast! very entertaining to listen to. great input on episodes. Love the mash episode clips. Keep up the good work Kenny, Meds, and Al!!!
Al, Kenny, and Simon have a lot of fun covering and critiquing each episode in original broadcast order. They deconstruct the story, discussing where things fit in the MASH-iverse (is Radar a ladies' man or an innocent kid? the writers hadn't quite decided in the first season). They give us production notes, Did You Notices, and spot flubs. One episode every other week. Well worth your time.