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This is one of the most illuminating podcasts I've ever come across


Host is overly identified with male guests, often horribly rude to female guests. Offensive to listen to in spite of the great guest lineup.
Very informative
Just found the show, and am loving it!
I like listening to all the interviews. Sometimes I can't understand what the host is saying. She has a nice voice though.
Well done Simran. Thank you so much.
I have newly discovered this podcast and love the handful of episodes to which I’ve listened! However, I have a real problem with the volume of Simran’s voice when she speaks. The sound quality when she speaks is so poor that it’s painful to listen. The guest’s voices are fine and clear but Simran sounds like she’s speaking under a rock, in a cave, under the sea. Please, please fix the problem because we really want to hear your wisdom.
Simron Singh has such a knack for interviewing. I love her voice, her perspective and her excellent questions. Such an inspiring podcast.
I've now listened to several podcasts and have enjoyed them so much; what a wonderful host!
I have listened to several episodes of this podcast. I love the host and there are an awesome wealth of guests. However I was forced to quit because of the issues with the volume. When there are commercial breaks, the volume is amped up to such an extent that it literally hurts the ears to where you're scrambling to turn it down. Then when it's back to the show, it's so lowered that you miss part of it when turning up the volume again. It's a shame because it's such an awesome podcast. Please adjust it to where the volume is consistent throughout.