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Reviews For Being Here

As a long time listener, what I appreciate most about the Kane's perspective is how practical it is. As they talk about real-life situations, it's easy to get a sense of how transformational non-judgemental awareness can be! An excellent show that's both entertaining and insightful :)
Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be relaxed, positive and effective in their life. I always feel great after attending one of the Kanes' Monday Night Alive classes, and the podcast is a great way to access their humor, insight, and compassion when I can't see them in person.
After listening too 5 Pod Cast in November 2013, I knew I must meet Ariel and Shya. I love having dates with everyone I meet. This show I called into and I surprised myself because my mind read the title to say "Being not Good Enough". It amazed me how I can experience transformation right on the show.
I am a frequent listener and have called in many times to speak with Ariel and Shya Kane on their show. Being Here in this moment of my Life relieves me of the anxiety of past and future events. This has transformed my life from experiencing frequent upsets and conflicts, to enjoying life and happily taking care of the people and situations in front of me. Many Thanks to the Kanes!!!
I love listening to this podcast either in transit on my iPhone or at home. It’s easy, practical and provides the possibility for well being no matter what the circumstances of your life are. After I listen to an episode - or I’ve also called in to ask a question - I leave feeling better in myself and more capable of whatever shows up in my life. I recommend listening or calling in to anyone interested in a new possibility in their lives!
I am not sure how it happens exactly but I feel well in myself after listening to this podcast! Ariel & Shya Kane cover all topics and no matter what the topic of the episode I listen to is... it fits what is happening in my life in that moment. No fluff... just real people talking about their lives, experiences and how to enjoy each moment.
I love this show! The hosts Ariel & Shya are so funny and really practical. This show chills me out when I'm feeling stressed and when I'm not stressed it keeps me grounded. It's always different and endlessly entertaining!
I love this podcast. LIstening to it takes me away from my worrying, chatty mind and into the moment. I've found that after I listen to it, I become more productive and efficient, and I gain back my sense of humor if I've lost it. I never feel as if I add to my "to do" list or need to be a "better person" after this podcast-- I always see things as being easier after I listen. This podcast is a gift.
This show has made and continues to make such a huge impact in my world and quality of life!! Every time I listen to a show my day gets better. I start listening to those around me and am pulled into the moment of my life where color and beauty and love and kindness all exist. Thank you Ariel & Shya!!
I love how this podcast instantly sharpens my ability to listen and step into what’s happening in my life right now!
I listen to this show and am amazed by Ariel & Shya Kane's insights. They have created a way of operating in this world that is easy and effortless. They talk about getting centered and I always leave feeling refreshed and centered after the show. I have called in a few times and love how they see things so clearly and are able to communicate ideas so I grasp them. They have impacted my life in small and significant ways. I am so glad this show exists. It is worth listening to.
I’ve been listening to Being Here for years and it always helps to get me into the current moment. Every episode is new and fresh and filled with inspiration. The podcast is such a great support for living in the moment - I listen almost every morning on my way to work!
I love the Being Here Show! It’s great to listen to on my work commute or even while I’m cleaning or washing dishes. There are so many topics to select from too-I can always find the perfect subject. I’ve even called in to a live show, which is a treat. It’s definitely one of my favorite podcasts, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to refocus and recharge.
Being Here is truly my favorite podcast. Whenever I feel off, I listen to an episode (or two or three) and enjoyable I am back in the present moment of my life, listening. I find I easily get back into the real time of my life and easily stop working on myself. The Kanes are a breath of fresh air in the personal growth world, because they share that you don't have to DO anything to grow and expand. And you don't need to change! If you're feeling off within yourself, with work, with relationships, with anything, listen in and see what's possible on the other side of your upset. I promised you won't regret listening in and you'll come back for more. I love to read through the episodes and click on the one thats most interesting to me, and I enjoy!
I tune into Being Here either Live or in Archives every week for my weekly dose of inspiring discussions with the Kanes & their listeners. I especially love the generous sharing of the callers with questions and how in the flow of an often humorous or touching conversation, their "problems" or concerns disappear. Thanks very much for a putting out a great radio show each & every week!
I love this show! The Kanes have a true talent for bringing me into the present moment of my life. The show is alive with honesty, integrity and humor! It's a great way to get centered and excited about my life again if I'm feeling a little off the beam. Listening to this brilliant show brings me right back to the vibrance of my life. And speaking of listening, I feel I've learned how to listen to others on a deeper level since listening to "Being Here" and that has made a huge difference in all my relationships. I sure am grateful to found this very cool show.
WOW….Being Here Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Ariel & Shya. Keep bringing it.
AWESOME TOO! I really think after listening to all of these podcasts a couple times I'm seeing transformations happening I never thought possible. Great reminder to be in this moment right now.
I love listening to Ariel & Shya Kane on this amazing Internet radio show as they speak about listening and demonstrate Instantaneous Transformation with the people who call into the show. MY life transforms just by listening to the show! I immediately feel well in myself and present in my life. I laugh out loud sometimes because the Kanes have a great sense of humor. It's a fun and enlivening show. If I am not available to catch the "live" show on Wednesdays, I go into the plentiful & rich archived shows. There are many many topics to choose from: relationships with people, money, work... You name it - it's there! Listening to "Being Here" is the easiest way to learn the skill-set of living in the moment!
I have been listening to Being Here for about three years now and their show has helped me so much. I love the titles because I can choose the show based on my mood. Their topics cover everything like relationships, dieting, upsets, wellbeing, etc. Their voices are so soothing and grounded I can't help but feel better the moment I hear them start the show.
I love this show! I listen live on Wednesdays at noon (EST) when I can, and I love having the archives available for listening on the go (I upload them to my phone and often listen on the train). Each week is a fun, different theme and each week I come away inspired, energized and feeling good in my own skin. What the Kanes offer is nothing short of life changing - they teach the skills to drop all the worry and stress most of us carry around, and to have life be a fun, easy, exciting adventure. Plus they have a great sense of humor, so their shows are always a pleasure to listen to. For anyone interested in turning 'living in the moment' from a concept to a day-to-day reality, you have to check this out!
While I'm listening to "Being Here" and after I listen, my mind stops chattering at me. I've also called to in to the show a few times, which is a pleasure. I find speaking with Ariel and Shya very satisfying. They answer my questions honestly, succinctly and with great insight. They even address and help me to see concerns I couldn't quite describe but had been feeling consistently. Then after a fun & light conversation, those concerns are just gone!
I have been listening to Being Here since it first aired, about 5 years ago. It never ceases to amaze me how much I continue to learn and how many incredible ways my life continues to expand after I listen to each episode. Whether I'm getting ready for work, taking a walk & listening on my iPhone or listening on my lunch break, I always end up feeling more relaxed & centered in myself and more enthusiastic about my life.