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I love that this podcast helps me to see more honestly about the world.
If you are looking for a Bible teaching church, this is not it. It isn't even used in some sermons, and when it is, the speaker disagrees with it or gives a "trigger warning" intro before paraphrasing and applying it incorrectly. I have attended 7-8 different Christian churches over 40 years and haven't heard as much political content in all those sermons as half of one of these. One quote says it all, "Knowing what is right and what is wrong is always fluid because the world changes, society changes..." Currently the fluids indicate this pastor is just wrong.


By Keougmi
A breath of fresh air in these dark days. Well reasoned and compassionate sermons from a smart person who deals with problems head-on.
Thank you for the message you serve! I'm a progressive that often goes the opposite direction of the word sermon, but you have a way of delivering that message with humanism at heart, and that is right inline with my beliefs! I will continue to listen, and I'll support in any way I can from here! Thanks, again!
This podcast has become church for me, and I'm very grateful for it. Dr. Ray's messages are insightful, relevant, and beautifully delivered.
The sermons are wonderfully powerful and inspirational to take action, live the true Christain life, take care of people who Jesus would have us care for and inclusive as manner. Highly recommend!
Finally found what I'v been looking for, thank you..
I have the joy of attending a Progressive UCC church in Carlsbad, CA. But I listen to Rev. Ray's podcast each week and support his church financially. If you need a fresh look at what God's kingdom here on earth is all about, subscribe to this podcast.
That he would evoke an entire sermon to the Hypocrisy and ugliness behind the Trayvon Martin verdict speaks volume to his character. Those words are what so many of us needed that next morning. We are blessed to have preachers like him : )
Thank you for teaching that not all people of faith are religious fanatics! You offer such an enlightened and open opinion!
I am an awakened Catholic (IE the church was destroyed when Constantine used is to secure his empire). Celtic Christianity is my flavor, no original sin, no salvation through the blood sacrifice of the big guy's son. Just God in all things. Give thanks, be a good steward and listen for the Oran Mor in the only trinity we have...Land, sea and sky! You rock Rev. Ray, your voice is refreshing and much needed...
Roger Ray's presentations (I hesitate to call them sermons) are always current and on target. If you are a member of John Shelby Spong's "church alumnae association" as I am, you will find Dr. Ray's comments well aligned with your views on religion. These messages are an excellent way to reconnect with the basic truth - that we are all one and should treat others as we would be treated. Thank you Dr. Ray.
These are seriously great messages for the 21st Century Christian church, an inspiring and relevant addition to my listening and my faith life. Thanks for being real!!
It's great to finally see someone taking back my faith from the nut jobs who have hijacked it over the last several years. Christ is love and he said take care of the poor and don't judge. Period. Thank you for once again bringing that to light.
Roger Ray is an impressive progressive preacher. I have been a progressive Christian ever since I discovered there was such a thing. I have been searching for a progressive Christian church for over 10 years. Roger Ray's messages are the best I've found anywhere. On a recent trip, my 16 year old daughter who is pretty much fed up with all the churches we've tried overheard one of the Podcasts I was listening to and said "I want to go to that guy's church."
I thoroughly enjoy listening to Rev Ray ... he is provocative, edgy and always on the side of the poor and marginalized in our society, just as Jesus was over 2,000 years ago. He is a powerful speaker and always makes me think; thank you for being here!
Wow it is so good to hear and read someone who thinks and feels like I do. I have been searching for a long time for your answers. thank You Molar man
I get to keep my brain and my faith without the dogma and doctrines. Follow the religion OF Jesus not the religion ABOUT Jesus.
Thank you for making me think. It hurts like heck because I was never challenged to think. But then isn't the point of much of what we are taught about religion meant to avoid having us think.
I agree with Judysorge. I am so grateful to get back my faith with Progressive Christianity. Love the sermons. God Bless
I knew there had to be more compassionate and loving Christians out there. More than ever I think it's imporant to remember - What would Jesus do? I still keep this dated term in my forethoughts, and generally find myself in agreement with your sermons and progressive Christian thoughts. Thank you so much!


By F6sk
Enlightening, uplifting and relevant sermons for those brave enough to hear.
There's always something you can apply to your life in these sermons.
I have only recently discovered these podcasts by Dr. Roger Ray, but I am absolutely thrilled that I have. I feel like I have come home, his messages are spot on with what I feel Christianity should be. So glad to have found a preacher who is spreading the TRUE message of Christ, and calls on us to be the people that Jesus intended.
This church and these sermons truly embody the teachings of Christ at a time when so much of mainstream Christianity has gotten off-track.


Christian contentl is contemporary applications for Jesus' social message, which I support and try to follow.
The best liberal aermons I have heard in 30 years. Humor, common sense. and wisdom. Thank you for beiing there.
These sermons really find that golden area between faith and modern thinking. Thank you so much for doing these and spreading a little light into all of our hearts.
This is the podcast for the many of us who in recent years have all but given up on mainstream "religion." If you identify yourself as "spiritual, not religious," you will find Dr. Ray's weekly sermons inspiring, thought-provoking, and at times quite funny. You'll also find yourself challenged to become an active participant in social justice causes in our troubled society. I look forward to this podcast every week.
Some sermons are designed to make one feel an emotion, but too often, I think the emotion they're looking for is fear rather than joy. That's not what Dr. Ray is about. He wants to make you think and take action, like the proverb, "When you pray, move your feet.". Whether you're a believer or not, there's usually something in his sermons to make you take notice and maybe challenge your perceptions as he looks at modern issues through a biblical prism.
These messages offer a glimpse at a Christian Community that rejoices in inclusion and seeks social justice. This is what it means to live the 'Golden Rule'.
Progressive messages that must be shared.
Really good sermons for a white Christian!
If every person in our country could hear this powerful sermon and reflect on its message, perhaps we could begin to right the many wrongs in our society, begin an honest dialog to improve our treatment of the poor and those in the minority, and find ways to listen to and understand one another. Hearing the messages of Dr. Ray has changed my life. He is passionate, caring, and charismatic. "Thou Shalt Not Stand Idly By" is not just a banner in his church, but a way of living and a standard for his life.
Most church sermons have put me to sleep or made me angry with their theological blinders and magical thinking. Rev Dr. Ray's sermons leave me inspired to go out and actually live the teachings of Jesus. I hope to find a church like this in my community soon.
A bright ray of truth in a nut-job, evangelical culture.
Week after week Roger provides excellent thought provoking messages. I've never heard another pastor address so many real world issues from the pulpit. If this church was within driving distance, I would be a member.
Dr. Ray is provocative and enlightening! I really enjoy what he has to say.
Love each sermon! I get so much out of them each week. Thanks for all that you do!
I listen to Dr. Ray every week. It's great to hear a preacher that lives what Jesus taught.
Dr. Ray clearly outlines the need for a “quickening of consciousness” with regard to America’s recent trend towards legitimizing racial profiling via Stand Your Ground laws. While the research is minimal so far, evidence suggests these laws actually increase violence (McClellan & Tekin, 2013). As Dr. Ray asks, “is this who we want to be?”
Amazing to have such a strong progressive voice in Springfield, MO of all places. If you've given up on faith being something you live, check this out.
What a breath of fresh air! How come you cast such a small shadow when your presence is needed so badly? Why is your message not welcome by all? Here's hoping your voice is heard and your footprints are followed for years to come.
The Reverend Roger Ray's message of social justice and progressive change is worth following, if you strive to "Be the change you want to see in the world".
This is by far the best podcast I have come across. Rev. Ray is a master at describing how a conscience impacted by faith should be responding and acting in this world. There is a hopeful critique of the world to be had here and I am deeply thankful for it and for Rev. Ray.
Perfectly described, thanks!
Sound progressive theological message, but a touch too quick to judge those who hold differing view points.
The sermon Trayvon is Dead and None of Us are 'Not Guilty' is thoughtful, moving. Please listen to it.
I had left the main line churches, had become a member in others but never could accept many of their teachings. Roger Ray has addressed many of these areas. NOW I feel "at home". How I wish there was such a progressive church in my area! I've been searching for a church that followed Jesus's teaching without the man made rules of the denominations, that did not compel people to follow via fear and guilt and I've found it! So thankful for these pod casts.