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best horror podcast , by far.
As most horror fans i thought i knew a lot then i started listening to Rue Morgue and was blown away! Can't say enough great things about it……… even with Lamp on now and then.
When I listen to the Rue Morgue Podcast, I feel smarter. And not just about horror movies. If you want to hear people debate whether Friday the 13th 5 is better than Friday the 13th 6, there are plenty of shows out there for you. But if you seek enlightenment on a higher level, Feedback very often provides that. This is a horror podcast for people who want a little bit more than just a horror podcast. It's reassuring to know that a guy this smart, insightful and well-read is also a horror fan, just like us. Feedback and Last Chance Lance make a great team. The Abbott and Costello of horror podcasting. Methinks Lance is a little smarter than he let on. This podcast is a MUST.
Insightful, unique, funny...etc. The interviews are fantastic! Stuart "Feedback" Andrews constantly impresses....and then there's Lance. Cheers, "Last Chance", you're awesome too.
The Rue Morgue Podcast is an extension of the Rue Morgue multimedia entity and has continued after the demise of Rue Morgue Radio (a podcast featuring reviews of horror films, music, and events). The Rue Morgue Podcast, hosted by critic Feedback and often featuring Last Chance Lance, mostly contains critiques of horror films, along with interviews, and the occasional panel discussion. This podcast is extremely well curated and focuses listeners on interesting viewpoints, as well as tossing in other odd and offbeat tidbits from the genre. Feedback and Lance almost never agree on a film, which makes listening to them quite entertaining, and guest critiques (such as the episode in which Feedback and Andrea Subissati discuss The Vanishing) provide new ways of thinking about standard film themes . But there are broader and more important reasons to listen to the Rue Morgue Podcast. What is not discussed, or discussed very little, is just as important. Feedback and Lance are interesting and strange people who are unafraid to direct their intellect and skills toward their passions. They lead fascinating and unconventional lives, which takes no small amount of courage in contemporary society. In this age of struggle and fear, this podcast keeps us reminded that life should be more than just survival and toil. We could all have lives that follow our interests and intentions, and we are fortunate to know of people like Feedback and Lance who tirelessly work towards curating underground entertainment. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone. Anyone.
A horror podcast that isn't driven by the latest reviews or details on blu-ray extras. Intead you have conversations with filmmakers, actors, playwrights, documentarians,and fellow podcasters. Well worth a listen, as well as worth revisiting later just to mine for deeper thought.
The Rue Morgue Podcast is a fantastic companion to the Rue Morgue magazine. The host Feedback and his guests delve deep into the heart of horror, not only discussing relevant topics but sharing honest and thought-provoking opinions. Often, the listeners have an opportunity to get in on the action, by participating in very fun and (very drawn out) contests. It is on these particular episodes that we are exposed to the charming wit and humor of Last Chance Lance, who is not only a respected film critic but also specializes in the re-animation of animals and attending gay cruises. The Rue Morgue Podcast is always entertaining, and always filled with a good dose of horror and cheese (literally).
A great podcast that is well-produced and yet raw enough to assure you of its honesty. The interviews are interesting. The film discussions intriguing. And any episodes featuring Lance Chance Lance are hilarious; the rapport between Feedback and Lance makes for some very fun and crude radio. They also run the occasional contest that brings out the best and worst of the hosts and us listeners. Highly recommended.
Feedback and Co. have crafted from the ashes of Rue Morgue Radio the best horror themed podcast currently available. You will find humor, rage, and an extra heaping helping of sarcasm...and that is just the opening sequence. This is one of the most entertaining and informative podcasts, and is not to be missed. Do yourself a favor and download today...or Lance's frozen managerie will hunt you down and consume your SOUL!!!!
The Rue Morgue podcast is one of the smartest and most interesting horror podcasts out there. When I was searching for good horror podcasts awhile ago, too many of the ones I found were hosted by misogynistic chuckleheads without much interesting to say. Not so with Feedback (and his sometime co-host Last Chance Lance). Whatever the topic, this is a fun, funny podcast with great production values and excellent music. I never miss an episode.
The Rue Morgue podcast is THE radio voice for keeping a finger on the pulse of horror films. Feedback crafts interviews to get more than the same old answers. If this podcast were a television series, you'd buy the boxed set.
Considering this podcast is utilizing the title of one of the world's top rated horror magazines, its almost like a bad joke. Its completely unorganized and to make up for lack of content, the podcast is bloated with all sorts of senseless sound bytes- making it a parody of itself. Then, they'll just play a chunk of some boring horror con question panel and pass it off as an episode. Rue Morgue, you're magazine is awesome. Why do you downplay the importance of the podcast medium and hand the reigns over to some pretentious idiot?
Great for all horror fans