Reviews For Executive Coaching for Business Owners by Tony Mayo

Tony provides very short podcasts full of informational, educational tips and ideas that really pack a punch. We all need coaches, and I've got Tony in my car on my ride to the office. However, I want more MAYO! Love the podcasts, and can't wait for more episodes!
Love this podcast, it's awesome having "Tony in your pocket" anytime I want. I started working with Tony almost (2) years ago and it’s been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. We have Skype calls every two weeks and I gain a lot of insight on what makes me tick, what’s most important to me, and what purpose does all the work I’m doing mean over the long haul. The old revenue numbers are now the new profit numbers, fantastic financial results! Best part: I’m happier, in more control of my emotions, working toward my potential, and I make better decisions through talking them out with Tony each call. Even if you're not working with Tony like I am definitely check out his podcast, it's the next best thing!
Tony's podcasts and professional coaching has been irreplaceable. Without his guidance and coaching I would not have been able to balance my work and family life so well. I am now very successful in both. I am no longer my employee, I am my boss and reap the rewards and pleasures that come along with realizing that. I look forward to more podcasts and coaching from Tony.
I have learned so much from Tony both as a person and as a coach. His insight and his humor make listening to him easy and fun. He has been caoching even before coaching was popular and you can tell by his inner peace as well as his great perspecitive.
Tony's insights have helped me identify creative ways to grow my business. His techniques guide you through a process of discovering the best options yourself and coming up with a plan to achieve results. Highly recommended listening!
Tony is a great coach - honest, to-the-point, always ready with a model, an example, anecdote, or a neuroscience study reference to help you see for yourself what's possible and what's next. These podcasts help ground you in just some of the tools in his kit. Highly recommended.