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Always an intelligent listen and offers consistently great takes on the NBA. I listen at least 4 times a week in LA. Proud Manscape owner thanks to one of the greatest 5 minutes of radio ever. Purgatory is epic and entertaining on a daily basis.
Jorge is a Great Host! He always has a Special guest on his Show. Always seems to know what’s going on in Sports, especially NBA.
George is nothing but a agent provocateur sent to LA to ride LaBron's coat tails ad stir up discontent. Once LaBron is gone, he will be also.
George is great I love his NBA knowledge and has an overall fresh show.
Sedano Show is a dope show entertaining as hell and when there’s drama I wanna hear his side as a Latino I appreciate the passion keep it up and I’ll keep listening
Jorge is great with a partner. My suggestion is to make it a three man show with Ahmin and MT or BK.


It is so painful to listen to Brian Kameneaky, so long-winded without insights...
Can’t listen though when Trudell is on, Laker bias is just too much.
Great for the drive home
Sometimes you hear the lebatard jr when it’s just him but nothing a week off doesn’t fix. Still good
Love all of his opinions, funny and chill


I just want to party
Great show
Ratin’ it!
Spends too much time on his show asking for subscriptions/reviews and saying how well he "speaks Lebron". A personal preference but LA radio should do better to broadcast local personalities and people with history in the area.
Great show, love the guests
Sedona for top 20
Great host, information
Great show!
Love the show
That lebatard show bump.
Great listen. Also, friend of Lebatard
Just throw the party!
Every day, I listen to pergatory ( I’m not sure if that is how you spell it) I also listen to you and all your guests. Thanks for enlightening me every day
Best afternoon show in LA in some time.
Great listening to a fellow Cubano on the radio. Super knowledgeable and entertaining. Also like all the different cohosts he gets on the show. Great Show!
Best radio talk show woot woot it’s better then the morning show bruh! Purgatory is awesome! Keep up the good work fellas! Mason Rocks too! Sedano you rock my socks off! Lakers raw needs u bro!
Sedano knows his sports. Love this podcast.
I’ve enjoy Jorge and all his cohorts a great deal. I hope to listen for many years to come.
Love the show.


By banx81
Jorge is the best! Love his energy and all the guest he has on. Also enjoy when he and Trudell go at it lol.
Really great show, gets me through the afternoons
I enjoy the commentary and your point of view. I get why you rotate hosts...but I would love if you could find a permanent co-host for consistency. Male or female - as long as the chemistry works for an added comedic component. I love your laugh.
Didn’t start listening to this podcast till Sedano got here. Brings awesome guest all the time. He’s a stringer shooter
It’s much better than Marcellus/revolving sub.
I love listening to your show while I drive to work everyday.
Great Podcast for LA sports fans!
Great content. Exclusive interviews. Laker Nation
This is the only show I never miss!
Big fan of the Sedano show, Jorge is doing a fantastic job filling the afternoon soot. The different guest hosts are refreshing and the modern vibe of the show is great as well. Keep it up!
I always listened to the morning show with Keyshawn Jorge and LZ when Jorge was on it. I drive for Uber and without the Sedano show i will be very frustrated during rush hour from 4-7. Jorge represents the young generation I feel with a lot of insights on the NBA. Love all the hosts he has connections with that respect him. I saw him on the Jump today and was amazed on the information he provided along with his opinions. He truly deserves to be at the top of the podcast world. If Disney put him on the radio for the drive home, we the podcasters can put him in the front of the podcasting world. GO Lakers David -Glendale
Keept it up guys, great show
Great show, just wish it updated more frequently
Love the daily news of Laker Nation. Listen to the show daily on way home from work
Great show to listen to while I drive to work.
Breaks down the NBA like a BOSS
Listen to Jorge everyday top podcast in the country love his guest he brings in and better than mason and Ireland lol
One of the Best Shows in LA! Love all the co-host you have on! Let’s get to # 1