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Great shows on this feed. Scar and Sherry are funny people. Give it a listen. Oh, can't forget JBird.
This group of shows are unique (in a good way) you wont find another show like it.
This is @MeefJ from the Everyday Gamers podcast. I heard about Scarcasm live on the Angry Mailman podcast and thought I'd give it a whirl. You definitely will have a unique listening experience and will probably love it or hate it, but from what I've heard so far, chances are it'll be the former. With cool contests and cooler hosts, you can't go wrong with Scarcasm Live.
I have no idea why it has taken me so long to write a review. I have been a fan of Scar and Sherry since day one. They are real people talking about real the cuff. I have learned a lot about life from listening to them. You need to stay tuned to their ensemble of shows to hear how funny, humble, and sincere they are individually and together.
Scarcasm live is one of my favorite podcast, it’s funny and informitve. If you like games, movies and TV you need to listen. Sherry is great; Scar, you good too, but Sherry podcasts so good! I look forward to every new casual conversation. The hommie Jbird and his South Carolina stories remind me to never go there. Now for Scar. I found out a long time ago that we might not get along. Why, because F#ck San Andreas. Vice City all day. It goes Vice City>GTA4>GTA: SA>GTA3. GTA: SA is a good game, but it’s not touching Vice City. Not touching it!!!
Scarfinger and the Geeks Gone Raw Pride never fail to entertain. A variety of topics -- gaming, tv, comic books, movies, music, current events -- this is what great podcasting is all about, humor and heart. It's the lunch table crew you wish you could hang with. Give Scarcasm those ears!
This is SayDatAgain Dat as in D A T! Ha! Me and hubby use same ITune account. I love love love these guys they are the best. They keep me laughing at work. My coworkers think I am crazy with a smile on my face as I enjoy these guys. I love Scar and Sherry they keep tears in my eyes as they talk about every thing from comics, video games, music, and anything else that they make up as they go along. If you ain't on this you are missing out.
Scarfinger brings it with his direct and honest opinions of life, entertainment, family and much more. His wife Sherry is a lovable counter-part on more times than none when she gets fired up. They completely open up in ways not heard anywhere else. The collective of characters in-tow make up an awesome net-worth of diverse conversational hosts. Do yourself a favor and listen, Real Talk!
Yo, when I seen da cover art for this joint, i wuz like, da fugg Ruben Studderd got a podcast Black? Dude was on American's Idol and stuff, but listened anyway and realized dis show bout gamers gaming and stufff. Nerds be funny to ya dig, plus ya boy gets it in wit a couch and a controller sumtimes, so I can elate and ishh.. Check it out, da Wife be splashin her kid at da pool and dat kid Scarface be gettin mad cuz his baby momma be sangin and stuff.. Sin Searsly, Showty Showt Stack$
Shows are entertaining, this podcast works because the hosts are highly opinionated and work well with each other, the guest add to the entertainment by adding a comedy element often times. Good show and great roster of podcasts
I started listening to this show when Rod and Karen from The Black Guy Who Tips and PhenomBlak from Where's My 40 Acres were guests. The show is great. I love Scarfinger's bluntness and Sherry's accent and cursing. Keep up the good work!!
I love these shows. Eminently entertaining, and always hilarious. I am confident that I will never get enough. Must listens!
I'm Scarfinger Shepard and I approve this podcast :)
I discovered you guys through The Black Guy Who Tips and really enjoy your work. I like the diversity of subjects on the podcast.
The shows that are put out under this feed are very entertaining as well as interesting. I would highly recommend anyone give a listen to this podcast feed.
Scarfinger is by far the most opinionated dude I know, and that makes for a great podcast. Also, the shows with Sherry are epic, and Casual Conversation is pretty good as well. Check this show out, folks. You'll love it!
When you subscribe you get great shows such as scarfinger's Top 3 shows, Casual Conversation with JBIRD and Sherry, and MUCH more!!!