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Reviews For Open Bounty | The SWTOR Video Podcast

There aren't many video podcasts and I wish they would release more, but I get super excited when there is one that is release. I'm sure it takes a lot of time to create these and it seems like Zach actually has a life, but nonetheless I hope to see more in the future. Thanks guys!
The Open Bounty videos are a great addition to the already fantastic MER podcast. If you already are a fan of Brooks, Zach, and now Evan, you'll enjoy each video. We appreciate all your hard work, guys! -Ben Nighthawk
Great Pod cast thank you for doing a video podcast... much better that the "other" Video podcast out there PLEASE make it longer
Great sound clarity, varied locations, bloopers, well thought out opinions, and excellent references to past video games that have done similar things. These gamers know their stuff.
Ok so ive been listening to you two since the beginning and you continue to impress! You've quickly taken the reigns as my favorite podcast. The addition of Open Bounty was a great idea and it is extremely well done. It's been great to finally put faces to the voices behind the comedy! The graphical intros and transitions are professional and catchy. My only complaint is that when the 15 minutes is over I want MORE! Keep it up brothers, you have a dedicated fan here! Kash from Old Republic Dads
I've watched a few SWTOR podcasts and I had recently stumbled upon Mos Eisley Radio through your guest spot at Gamebreaker and I was delighted to see that not only do you do awesome podcasts you are now making VIDEO podcasts. Very entertaining, I love the awesome dosage of geek! Keep up the awesome work!
Two Thumbs Up!
This new video show is awesome. It is cool to see you guys dive deeper into one aspect of swtor. Keep up the good work.
Fellow Indy Geek here (Plainfield)... You two are freakin' awesome! When I stumbled across your podcast (a few SWTOR podcasts fizzled out) you guys were a breath of fresh (geekish) air. And who cares if you talk about WoW? SWTOR isn't out yet... not like you can really comment on the game play of this MMO... even though it's gonna be AWESOME! Keep up the good work on both casts. YOU ROCK!
HIGHLY entertaining, I love watching you guys talk back and forth. Normally I like long podcasts, but the videos are so jam packed with discussion, I feel like I get a lot more than the time that it takes to watch. Rylorn
Thank you guys for doing the video podcast, hardly anyone is doing it. Hope to see you guys at Pax. Keep up the great work on both podcasts. Guild UMBRA, Mr Fester