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I heard about this podcast when host Guillaume called in to a live broadcast of Radio Free Nintendo - another podcast I like. I decided to check it out and I'm glad I did. I has intelligent discussion of all-things-Nintendo. It's pretty balanced in the sense that yes, it is geared for fans of Nintendo but the podcast doesn't shy away from pointing out what Nintendo needs to improve on. Overall the podcast and forum is sort of a "safe haven" for Nintendo fans. Away from some of the rampant Nintendo bashing you may find elsewhere. It has quickly become one of my favorites.
Fun, non-Nintendo hating goodness that still doesn't blindly pander. Good stuff!
Just a great all around podcast. Great people, and great music in it as well. Love it.
Minus a million stars for the theme song. Plus a million and five for the content. The participants, as of episode 7, still sound a little gun shy, but the topics are good and they seem to know their stuff.
With the popular thing seeming to be gaming journalists whining and bashing Nintendo these days, it's nice to find a podcast that still likes the games the company releases. The audio could be a little clearer and sometimes it gets a tiny bit on the long side or off the self-declared topics, but overall a very interesting podcast that I'll be adding to my regular download list. Keep it up.
Very informative and very professional, if you're a Nintendo fan you'll love this podcast!
This podcast is all things to all people. Bravo! Bravo.
Only one episode so far, but it's off to a promising start! The guys at Negative World know their stuff and have a genuine passion about Nintendo games, something that can't be said for many of the gaming podcasts out there. A nice selection of topics keeps the conversation flowing very well.