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I don’t care if this girl ever knits or spins, I totally watch this show because she is awesome!! Katie is entertaining, funny, and is definitely a podcaster who seems like she would be cool to meet IRL. If you’re just getting into knitting podcasts, or you think knitting podcasts aren’t fun, try this show out. You’ll love it!
Katie is a joy to watch and listen to over the years. :) xoxo Kaitlin of PaprikaPurls
Keep 'em coming. I love to hear about crafting and your other interests.
I have watched this podcast since the beginning. Katie is funny, serious, real and the type of person I would want to hang out with on a weekly basis. Thank goodness she lets me do that with the podcast. If you are into laughing, watch this cast!
I love Katie. She is down to earth, funny and real. She tells you how it is and she talks about things like people and her personal life like you are her best friend! I sit back, knit, drink coffee and enjoy her podcast every week!!
Katie makes my day! I look forward to her podcast each week. Love to hear about her knitting and what her and her honey's latest trip was in Wendy. She is an inspiration with her knitting. She will crack you up.
Love this podcast! She really enjoys knitting and even has me thinking about spinning.
She is so positive, fun and full of life. Love the Bostonian accent eh. :)
I love this podcast! Katie is fun to listen to, she is a real person with ups and downs just like us all. She is not afraid to laugh at herself. She is so proud of her state I am planning a trip to see the things she talks about. It is such fun to listen to and I highly recommend this vid cast.
Katie I really enjoy your podcast,you are so funny! Love hearing about your life and knitting...spinning adventures!
I love watching this podcast because Katie is just full of fun. Whenever I watch it, I know I will feel better after watching it. She makes me smile and I love seeing her projects. Her attitude about knitting and life are contagious.
Katie Rocks!!! I feel like I have a friend in Katie, and love her humor, her knitting abilities and the appearances by Sebastian. I am curious to see what the future holds for her (only good things of course), and how it all plays out. Keep up the good work Katie! Melanie aka FourkitttieshaveI
I love watching Katie and I had the opportunity to meet her at Knittin' in the Mitten 2011. She is just as great in person as she is online. Keep up the great show Katie. Tina (BloomingKnitter - Knitting Blooms Podcast)
Katie, I am usually a lurker, keep my pod opinions to my self but I must break the silence in lieu of you impending podaversery. I love your spontaneity and candid personality. I know you are speaking with hundreds but I always feel as if we are sitting at your table having a conversation. You are refreshing, innovative, creative and charismatic. Yours is one of the very few video casts I watch. Thank you for putting on such a quality show. BTW, my daughter is a very big Patriots fan...go Pats!!!


What a character....Katie is great. She is so real and I can tell she enjoys life to the fullest. Maybe, someday, I'll be fortunate enough to be on one of her flights.Thank you , Katie for inspiring me to put even more projects on the needles. I'm so glad I found this podcast! woolybnits
She is fun, enthusiastic, full of energy and total delight to watch. I love to hear about her escapades. Her laughter is contagious. Keep up the great job!!!!
Katie is just fun to watch. She talks about her travels, knitting and life in Maine in a very enjoyable way. She is very honest and funny and I love all the stories she shares. Check out it and I guarantee you will be smiling at her self-deprecating wit and her contagious laugh.
Always entertaining
This vidcast is so hearin about her job/plane...then of course all her lovely projects! Keep up (haha) the great work! Come fly with Katie you'll love it!


This is a fun and energetic show to watch. I enjoy the hosts enthusiastic approach to her hobbies. I love to hear about her travels and her projects.
I love your video podcast. You are so fun and entertaining and I look forward to watching especially when I have long days at school. =)
Keep telling us stories on your "jet-setting". I look forward to them, too!
So nice to have some fiber goings-on mixed with tales from the friendly skies. Full of energy!
I really enjoy this young lady and her adventures. She's clear and organized and very pleasant to listen to.
I enjoy this podcast. Easy to watch and laugh with. Interesting to hear about fllying.
There have been a lot of new knitting pocasts released recently but none as unique as this one. Not only is the knitting content informative but the aviation twist makes it even more entertaining and interesting. A good one to watch!
Love hearing about her job and adventures flying standby. I'm curious how things will change once she isn't flying to Texas all the time. Fun projects.
Knitting on the fly is a great vidcast! I love hearing about Katie's travels and the things she's working on!
I love watching this show. She seems to have a million projects going but always gets them done! It's also cool to see a woman pilot!
Lovin' Katies podcast! She is very comfortable behind the camera. This is a keeper!
You seem so comfortable in front of the camera. Awesome first episode!!!
Katie has a great videocast and I love how down to earth she is!
Great job. Really looking forward to your new episodes!
Great first show, hope to see a lot more.